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Honey Butter Chip — What the Latest Hallyu Craze Tastes Like!


Have you heard about the latest Hallyu craze? It’s not a new K-pop group or a new K-drama starring Lee Min Ho. It’s a potato chip— and it’s so hot that it’s impossible to find in stores in Korea and they are being resold online for well over $100 for three bags! Just how good can this chip be??? Ohhhhh …  read on!

Haetae Confectionary & Foods Co., the second-largest confectionary company in South Korea, just introduced Honey Butter Chip in August, and sales have already gone through the roof. The company is scrambling to hire thousands of new employees to increase production of the popular chip, which the company says is made with “French butter and acacia honey.”

It’s UNBELIEVABLE how quickly these little “chips of heaven” are sold out — within 10 minutes of restocking the shelves NATIONWIDE! Not only that, it’s amazing to see the willingness and persistence of Korean people to get their hands on this snack. It has become so ridiculous to the point that they are limiting the number of bags one person can buy to only TWO, and convenience stores are putting up signs on the door stating that they are OUT of these chips.

‘No Honey Butter Chips’ sign on GS25 convenience store in Korea

So just how GOOD can these chips be, right? They’re just potato chips! I mean, you don’t see people going on a shopping craze for Pringles or Kettle Chips, now, do you? But people are seriously bidding on eBay, and the closing bid for three bags of these devil snacks was $122.50 yesterday! Whaaaa?! Are these chips laced with gold?!

A 3-bag set of Honey Butter Chip sold on eBay yesterday for $122.50!

Embarrassingly enough, because my husband has hopped on this cray-cray wagon, I have gotten my hands on these impossible-to-find chips and have actually tasted them! It’s funny how my husband was the one acting all nonchalant about it at first, saying stuff like people have gone mad for these chips but it’ll all fade soon, yadayadayada… Now, HE’S the one going to 10 different convenience stores, two different E-mart traders (Korean Costco) in two different area codes … BUT his persistence paid off!

We FINALLY got a bag of these chips, plus a bundle of three other snacks from the same company as a “condition” to buy just ONE bag of Honey Butter Chip. Pretty absurd, if you ask me, but kudos to the marketing team at Haetae/Calbee (you devils!). So, my husband calls me, as if he had won the lottery or something, and tells me that “papa is bringing the baby home.” Uhmmm, OK? And of course, he gets home with half of the bag empty. Geez, so much for waiting, huh? Thanks, honey. -.-;;;;

BUT, to my pleasant surprise, these chips … were GOOD — so good, in fact, that I regretted knowing what they tasted like because they were gone all too quickly. But for those of you who HAVE to know what they taste like — Honey Butter Chip tastes like honey butter popcorn in the form of a potato chip. It’s just the right balance of salty and sweet and buttery goodness. Not too sweet to be overwhelming. Juuuuust perfect.  #sorrynotsorry #honeybutterchipshell #baghalfempty

Even our favorite celebrities can’t seem to get enough and are showing off their stash of the infamous Honey Butter Chip! Double eye candy! YUM!

Siwon of Super Junior (‘King of Dramas’) posted this selfie of a 
Japanese version of Honey Butter Chip!
Kim Soo Hyun (‘My Love From the Star’) has something hot in his hands!
Choi Jung Yoon (of ‘Can We Love?’) uses her teeth to rip open a bag!
Girl group Hello Venus takes a selfie with the goodies!
T-ara’s Hyomin’s selfie with her bags of gold!
Former Kara member, Nicole, holds up a bag for her selfie
Sooyoung of Girl’s Generation and her empty bag?
Hopefully, as Haetae increases production of these delicious chips, they will be more readily available and we can all return to living like civilized human beings! Have you tried these chips? Let us know what you think of this new Hallyu craze in the comments!

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