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Which of Your Favorite Stars Are November Babies?


When your trade relies on appearance, it’s easy to see why certain celebrities never seem to age. Our favorite November babies below are a great example! Let’s celebrate the good health of the actors and actresses who have been entertaining us over the years as they make another notch on their mortal age.

Aishwariya Rai Bachchan (November 1)

Aish has been one of the most prominent international faces for Bollywood and India for so long that it’s hard to think of a time without her presence. The movie star debuted back in 1997 when she was 26, after she had already been a model for six years. In the subsequent two decades, Aish has retained her youthful looks at the age of (drumroll please ...) 41! Before you attribute it to Photoshop, check out au naturale Aishwariya. Not only is Aish in her 40s, but the third birthday of her daughter, Aaradhya, was on November 16! Here’s to many more years of good health for the Rai-Bachchan clan!

Shah Rukh Khan (November 2)

If anyone has secretly discovered the Fountain of Youth, it’s the internationally beloved Shah Rukh Khan. He effortlessly combines the physique of a 30-something with a George Clooney charm that has served him well in a career spanning four decades. SRK has managed to remain a leading man instead of fading into “older mentor” typecasting oblivion, with his starring role in the upcoming blockbuster “Happy New Year.” Some of us still remember him as the rising star in “Fauji” or the Bollywood heartthrob in “Pardes.” This year, SRK turned 49, ringing in his birthday the same way he has in past years — waving to fans who gather outside his house in Mumbai. 

Park Hyung Sik (November 16)

“Hyungsik?!” You’re thinking, “That guy has birthdays? I assumed he re-spawned every year into an even younger, more talented entertainer.” Surely enough, this triple-threat shows no signs of slowing down as he turns 23, with nominations for the Baeksang Arts Awards and APAN Star Awards. In 2014 alone, the rising star has regularly appeared in the variety show “Real Men,” acted in a “Three Musketeers” musical, and is starring in the currently airing drama “What Happens to My Family?” Whether we know him as part of the boy band ZE:A or as Jo Myung Soo of “Heirs,” we’re looking forward to many more years of Hyungsik’s talent.

Kirsten Ren (November 22)

Kirsten Ren has had big shoes to fill as the younger sister of S.H.E star Selina Ren! You be the judge of how she’s doing by watching the Taiwanese drama “In A Good Way,” where she stars as a country girl whose life is changed after meeting the brilliant and outgoing Liu Shan Feng at Cheng Dong University. It’s not hard to imagine Kirsten as a college freshman, even though the actress turns 26 this year! 

Shin Sung Rok (November 23)

Having Shin Sung Rok’s extensive background in musical theatre is certainly helpful! He embodies the ideal versatile actor, with dramas ranging from “Definitely Neighbors” to “My Love From the Star.” As he turns 32 this month, he continues to balance his performances between the small screen, silver screen and stage. Not only is he in the 2014 dramas “Trot Lovers” and “Liar Game,” but he also is appearing as Louis XIV in the musical “The Sun King.”

Primrata Dejudom (November 29)

Known colloquially as “that hot girl from the ‘Ong-Bak’ movies,” Primrata Dejudom turns 31 this month, and we’re just as surprised as you are! While she’s had supporting roles in Thai dramas and starred in “The Gig,” the “Ong-Bak” franchise opened her up to an international audience. We hope to see more of Primrata in the years to come!

Andrew McCarthy (November 29)

“Whatever happened to Andrew McCarthy?” is a reasonable question to ask if you have a moderate understanding of ’80s pop culture. “Who is Andrew McCarthy?” is equally reasonable if you don’t. Primarily known as the boyishly handsome co-star of “St. Elmo’s Fire,” “Pretty in Pink” and “Weekend at Bernie’s,” McCarthy has emerged from Brat Pack fame over the last few years as a regular on “Lipstick Jungle” and a director of the Netflix hit series “Orange Is the New Black.” The veteran actor and director turns 52 this month, and he doesn’t look a day over 40 and makes the rest of us feel like old folks. Keep fighting the good fight, Andrew! 

Birthdays don’t just welcome the future; they celebrate the past. There’s no better way of celebrating these actors’ past accomplishments than watching some of their shows and movies! Know any other November babies we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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