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Happy 26th Birthday: Eric Nam From A to Z!

One of our favorite Korean American stars, Eric Nam, turns 26 years old on November 17. In celebration of this multitalented celebrity’s birthday, we give you the A to Z of Eric Nam (everything you wanted to know about Eric and more)!

A — Eric is the host of the live music request show “After School Club” on Arirang TV. 

B— B2M Entertainment is Eric’s management agency.

C— “Cloud 9” is the title of Eric’s debut album.

D— “Dancing machine” is Eric’s self-proclaimed title on “After School Club.”

E— Eric has two brothers named Eddie and Brian.

F— Eric speaks five languages: English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese!

G— Eric’s hometown is Atlanta, Georgia.

H— Host of “After School Club,” and “Section TV,” where Eric is recognized for his bilingual skills and the ease with which he can interview top Hollywood stars like Miranda Kerr, Robert Downey Jr., Amanda Seyfried, and more!

    Eric with Miranda Kerr

    I— Eric toured Italy and sang for mass at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome as a member of the Atlanta Boy Choir.
      J— A JYP representative called Eric and asked him to attend a JYP audition after watching his cover songs, but Eric rejected the offer to focus on his studies.

      K— Eric is Korean American, like his friends Ailee and Kevin from UKISS. (Video below: Behind the scenes with Ailee)

      L— Lee Hyori and BoA were Eric’s first K-pop crushes.

      M— Eric spent a bit of time in Mexico, Panama, Guatemala and Bolivia during his teen years.

      N — Namaste is the name of the project group he joined with former contestants of “Birth of a Great Star.”

      O— “Ooh Ooh” is the title of his last single featuring Hoya of INFINITE.

        P— Peniel of BTOB is a friend of Eric’s.

        Eric with Peniel of BTOB, Brad of Busker Busker, Kevin of UKISS, and Amber of f(x)
        Q— “Quiz to Change the World” is an MBC show that Eric appeared as a guest, along with N and Ken from VIXX.

        R— Realericnam is Eric’s Instagram account.

        S— Eric made it to the Top 5 on “Star Audition 2” (aka “Birth of a Great Star 2”).

          Eric on ‘Birth of a Great Star 2’

          T— Eric has covered Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” and many other songs on his YouTube channel.

          U— Eric danced to UKISS’s song “Quit Playing” on “After School Club.” See the fun scene below!

          V — Viki brought Eric to KCON 2014 in Los Angeles, California, where he hosted the Red Carpet and took selfies with fans at the Viki booth!

          W— Eric is currently a regular guest on “We Got Married Season 4.”

          X— Eric interviewed EXO on Episode 9 of “After School Club.”

          Y— Eric was offered a consulting job at YG, but he rejected it.

          Z— Eric wants to try different genres, specifically jazz and R&B, in his future albums.

          Did you learn something new about Eric? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday!

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