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Were You Born In October? So Was Jun Ji Hyun!


We’ve quickly reached the end of October, and it’s time to wish a “Happy Birthday” to all our favorite celebrities born this month! Whether they choose to have a grand ball, small family gathering or a quiet evening, it’s still a joyous occasion that will be celebrated by their die-hard fans!

Did you know that the gorgeous actress Jun Ji Hyun from huge hit “My Love From the Star” was born on October 30? She turns 33 years old, but she hasn’t aged one bit.

Check out these four fun facts that we bet you didn’t know about Jun Ji Hyun!

Her Hair Is Famous

If you haven’t noticed her hair yet, then take a look now and tell us what you think! It has been a part of her signature look — long, silky, straight hair. In the past, Jun Ji Hyun modeled for several well-known shampoo brands, such as Pantene, Elastine and Asience.

Her Film Debut Was in 1999

White Valentine” wasn’t a smash box-office success, but it did provide another stepping stone for Jun Ji Hyun to gain more experience. She even won Best New Actress at the 35th Baeksang Arts Awards for the role!

Jun Ji Hyun was only 18 years old when she filmed ‘White Valentine’!

She Got Married in 2012

Sorry guys, but she’s no longer single! On April 13, 2012, Jun Ji Hyun married businessman Choi Joon Hyuk, the grandson of a famous Korean hanbok designer. More than 600 celebrities, friends and family attended her wedding!

My Love From the Star’ Was Her First Drama in 14 Years

Jun Ji Hyun has been in the entertainment industry since 1997, but interestingly has spent the bulk of her career appearing in films instead of dramas. Regardless, Jun Ji Hyun proved her veteran acting skills and deservedly received the Daesang (or “Grand Prize”), the highest award for television, at the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards. The role elevated her to superstar status and even caused a worldwide YSL lipstick shortage!

See this clip of Jun Ji Hyun’s “aegyo” scene with Kim Soo Hyun:

Here are some other celebrities who celebrated October birthdays that you might’ve missed:

October 3 — Yoon Eun Hye (from “Marry Him If You Dare,” “I Miss You,” “Lie to Me,” “Coffee Prince” and “Goong”)

October 6 — Julian Arango (from “Infiltrated”)

October 9 — Tony Shalhoub (from “Monk”)

October 14— Carolina Tejera (from “Wild Cat”)

October 15 Jimmy Lin (from “My Lucky Star”)


October 15Nicolas Rincon (from “Without Breasts, There’s No Paradise”) 

October 20— John Krasinski (from “The Office”)

October 24— f(x)’s Krystal (from “She’s So Lovable” and “Heirs”)

Do you share a birthday with any of these celebrities? Share with us in the comments below!

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