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20 Spooky Shows to Put You in the Halloween Spirit

A man sprouts iron swords from his body when upset in ‘Iron Man

Halloween, also known as “All Hallow’s Eve,” is observed on October 31 as a day of celebration and superstition. Believed to have originated from the old Celtic festival of “Samhain,” when people would set bonfires and don costumes to scare away roaming ghosts, the trick-or-treating and fright-focused day is a very popular holiday in the United States and Canada but is gaining popularity in many other parts of the world, including Australia, much of Europe and Asia. To put you in the right frame of mind for the annual frightfest, we have just the spooky dramas for the occasion!

Here are our recommendations for recent dramas that you may have missed that have a scary or supernatural theme! This is a great time to grab a teddy bear, a warm blanket, and get ready to be spooked as you catch up on these great series from this year!

Iron Man

You might be surprised to learn that this current drama — about a tough CEO of a gaming company who suddenly begins to sprout dangerous iron swords from his body whenever he gets angry — is quite funny and full of unexpected comedic moments. The great acting by the seasoned actors in the drama make this a true delight to watch despite the dark storyline.

Lee Dong Wook becomes superhuman when he gets angry in ‘Iron Man

Love Cheque Charge

A man is involved in an accident, but before he dies, he grabs a random stranger and asks him to relay to his girlfriend that he is breaking up with her. He loves her so much that he thinks she would get over him more quickly if she thinks he broke up with her rather than died. But his spirit can’t move onto the next world, lingering in his girlfriend’s life to make sure that she is taken care of. A touching — but also a little creepy — thing, right?

A woman’s former boyfriend (in the form of an angel) watches over her in ‘Love Cheque Charge’ 

The Night Watchman

A prince during the Chosun Dynasty has the unique ability to communicate with the spirit world. So naturally, he becomes the leader of a group of night watchmen who patrol the streets from dusk to dawn to protect the citizens against nasty ghosts and other evil spirits. If it were me, I’d hide under my pillow and cry, “I see dead people…” But then, I’m doing that anyway just watching all the scary spirits in this drama! You’ll be scared silly.

The ghost-fighting warriors in ‘The Night Watchman

A group of young, good-looking police detectives dive into a giant aquarium that is holding two old bodies, and they emerge having aged 50 years themselves! They have to hunt down a mysterious man named Goldfish to find the antidote that will reverse their aging bodies or face living the rest of their natural lives as septuagenarians (people in their 70s)! How scary is that?

The young police detectives are staring at their own fate in a few minutes
in ‘Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team

A young guardian angel — whose job is to lead people into the afterlife when their “time” comes — is suddenly knocked into becoming a human when she tries to save a high school boy from a premature death. As she tries to figure out her new life as a teenage girl until her superior can figure out how to return her to her angel form, the angel discovers that high school can be quite treacherous!

An angel-turned-high-school-girl tries to figure out how to navigate her human life in ‘Hi! School: Love On’ 

What could be more terrifying to a mother than the thought of her beautiful daughter being kidnapped and killed for some inexplicable reason? That’s the premise of this scary drama series that will get your heart thumping! When the mom is somehow given the chance to go back in time to stop the kidnapper, can she change the course of events and save her daughter’s life?

A young girl and the private investigator trying to help her change her fate in ‘God’s Gift — 14 Days’ 

In what will go down in history as his most iconic role, Kim Soo Hyun plays a 400-year-old alien teacher in this drama, which was one of the most-watched and heralded series of the year. We don’t have to say anything more about this surreal alien-and-actress love story. You just have to watch it!

The most popular extraterrestrial of all time in ‘My Love From the Star

In addition to the above dramas from the past year, the following hair-raising dramas and movies on Viki also promise to put you in the right frame of mind for Halloween!

ADA Vengeance — High school students learn the meaning of true terror when a murder spree takes place at a cram school in this Japanese two-part film.

Rise of the Zombie — When a nature photographer resigns himself to a lonely life in the deep forest, a mysterious bite transforms him into a zombie in this Indian thriller.

Ragini MMS 2 Uncut — When a sleazy filmmaker tries to make a film that revisits the “Ragini MMS” incident, the supernatural spirit makes a return and puts the cast and crew in jeopardy in this Indian film.

Man Comes to Tang Dynasty — Time travel strikes again when a young man from modern times is suddenly transported back to the Tang Dynasty in this Chinese Web drama series. He then starts to “invent” perfume, the game of soccer and other futuristic contraptions to impress the beautiful ladies of the era!

Lucky Days — On the brink of divorce, a man discovers a computer program that allows him to go back in time and make edits to his life in this Taiwanese drama. What will he change about this relationship with his wife?

Action Replayy — A young man travels back in time to make his parents fall in love so that their arranged marriage doesn’t result in constant bickering in the present day.

The Champions — A Singaporean short film about a superstitious family that wants to exorcise their home.

Black Horn Night Heron — A short film about a young boy who sees the spirit of his dead mother while hiking through the hillsides of Cambodia to get to school.

Veerana — This Indian film is about how a small village tries to rid its community of an evil witch that seduces men and then kills them.

Rokkk — A new bride finds her marital happiness shattered when she finds the ghost of a young girl haunting her new home in this Indian movie.

A Terracotta Warrior — In this Chinese drama, a mad search for an elixir of immortality leads the seekers of the secret to eternal life across three millennia.

I.C.U. Ghosts of Fine Arts University — A professor at a fine arts university must face his worst fear when he discovers that he can communicate with ghosts in this Thai film.

Siyama: Village of Warriors — This Thai film is about three young woman who discover a mysterious portal that transports them back in time to the ancient city of Siam, where they are forced to use their knowledge of history to save the city.

What will you be watching this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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