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8 Hilarious Subtitles Involving Bathroom Humor!

Am I wrong or have there been a lot of recent dramas with wise-cracking comments involving butts, farting and pooping? If you haven’t noticed, let us refresh your memory. Because, who doesn’t like a good joke involving bathroom humor every now and then? Read on for some of our favorites from currently-airing and recent dramas on Viki!

What Happens to My Family? — ‘Eat and poo and sleep and do whatever you want…’

In Episode 3, Gang Jae chews out a female resident for making a mistake on a patient who recently underwent surgery. He accuses the resident of ordering a blood transfusion just to ease her own worries instead of thinking of the patient’s best interest. He compares her actions to being no different than what a mutt would do. Ouch! But if you hang on for a few seconds after the verbal berating, you’ll be rewarded with a great make-out scene!

Wonderful Days — ‘He was going to get stuck in his butt-hole.’

This series is chock-full of references to bathroom humor, making it one of the most entertaining family dramas of the year. The following three examples show the range of great references to butts, farting and pooping in the show!

In Episode 5, So Sim is recalling how much her youngest son, Dong Hee, looked up to his oldest brother, Dong Seok, when they were little.

Wonderful Days — ‘What are you doing only farting for 10 minutes?’

The grandfather, Ki Su, is one of the most entertaining characters in recent dramas — bedridden and dependent on everyone in his extended family to care for him as he reigns over the family from his bed. In Episode 17, his oldest son’s wife and mistress (that’s right, it’s complicated!) both come into his room to break some bad news. But instead of getting straight to the point, they suggest he take a sedative before he hears the news. The impatient grandpa tells them to stop beating around the bush with the following hilarious expression.

Wonderful Days — ‘Diarrhea what? Are you having diarrhea?

The twins, Dong Joo and Dong Won, are the most entertaining child characters in any drama this year. After recently learning that Dong Hee is their real father, in Episode 23Dong Joo tells her twin that she can’t go back to school and face her teacher or her friends. But the less-astute Dong Won misunderstands Dong Joo’s use of the words for “make matters worse” and accuses his sister of having diarrhea, much to her annoyance!

Temptation — ‘If you keep farting, you’re bound to take a crap.

Han Soo, everyone’s favorite private investigator, is hired by President Kang to tail his wife to gather dirt on her to use against her in a divorce proceeding. In Episode 6, as Han Soo watches the wife say goodbye to her tennis instructor, he jokes to himself that he’ll eventually catch her doing something naughty.

Apple in Your Eye— ‘You’re laughing at fart…’

In this current Taiwanese drama, Ji Wei follows her next-door neighbor, Yao Qi, around like a little sister, but he views her as more of a nuisance. When a pudgy kid asks to be Ji Wei’s boyfriend in this drama highlights video, Yao Qi rides by on his bicycle and laughs at her instead of coming to her rescue. Then she says, “Xiao pi la (笑屁啦) ,” which literally translates to “You’re laughing at fart,” but the expression has come to mean “What are you laughing at!”

Can We Love?— ‘Rolling around in a vat of poop.’

Ji Hyun’s mother-in-law in this Korean drama is the epitome of a two-faced, vindictive woman who treats her daughter-in-law like some garbage the cat dragged in. In one of her confrontations with Ji Hyun in Episode 18, the mother-in-law says the following and a whole lot of other nasty things to Ji Hyun’s face, essentially calling her own daughter-in-law a “vat of poop”!

To the Beautiful You— ‘With a dashing bowel movement, start your refreshing day.’

In Episode 1 of this funny series, Tae Joon’s new roommate, who happens to be a female fan of Tae Joon cross-dressing as a boy to be able to attend his all-boys’ school and be his roommate, leaves Tae Joon annoying sticky notes of encouragement all over the house when he gets up in the morning.

Which bathroom-humor scene is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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