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10 Things About Mermaids Bet You Didn’t Know!


Have you ever wondered what life would be like as a modern-day mermaid? In the TV shows “Surplus Princess” from Korea and “Dyesebel” from the Philippines, you can watch the real-world imaginings of what a mermaid’s life would be like in the modern world.

Not sure if you want to take the dive into a mermaid tale? Here are 10 surprising things about mermaid life from “Surplus Princess” and “Dyesebel” that will make you want to join Eileen and Dyesebel under the sea!

A mermaid can live in rivers, too — not just the ocean!

Eileen is a mermaid who lives in the Han River in Seoul, Korea

A mermaid loves using smartphones!

In the mermaid world, drinking alcohol can cause problems, much like the human world!

Beware of drunk mermaids! They’ll spill dangerous secrets!

A mermaid’s favorite accessory is ... pearls!

Marian Rivera plays the beautiful Dyesebel and Jo Bo Ah plays the striking Ha Ni/Eileen

Mermaids want to become human in the name of love, and they too get caught in love triangles!

Which gorgeous human will Eileen/Ha Ni choose?!

A mermaid has other creatures as side-kicks that she can talk to about her mermaid problems!

Mermaids are obsessed with how shiny their scales are. Shiny scales are a sign of royalty!

Young Dyesebel was a servant to Princess Berbola and had to shine her scales! :(

A mermaid watches popular TV shows and movies, such as “My Love From the Star,” “Reply 1994” and “Frozen”!

A mermaid often comes up to the surface to hang around and look for the guy of her dreams.

A mermaid won’t hesitate to boldly kiss her human crush once she has him in her clutches!

This scene is in Episode 1 of ‘Surplus Princess’!

What do you think of mermaid life? Which mermaid story sounds more entertaining — “Dyesebel” or “Surplus Princess”? Let us know in the comments!

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