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Top 8 Highlights From ‘Fated to Love You’ K-Drama


Are you sad that “Fated to Love You” already ended? Miss seeing Gun and Mi Young onscreen? We do, too!

Here’s your chance to relive the best moments from the widely popular drama! Check out our list of the top eight memorable moments from “Fated to Love You.”

Episode 1: First Meeting

While practicing his proposal to longtime ballerina girlfriend, Gun (played by Jang Hyuk) runs into Mi Young (played by Jang Na Ra) for the first time. They bump into each other after tripping on bouncy balls spilled on the ground. In the chaos, the engagement ring rolls away into a dog pen and next to a scary, sleeping Rottweiler. Mi Young impresses Gun with her speedy running skills when the dog wakes up and they get chased.

Does Gun ever get his ring back?

Episode 2: Mi Young’s Makeover

In Macau, Mi Young discovers her “boyfriend” in bed with another woman. Instead of apologizing, Byung Chul (played by Kim Young Hoon) criticizes her for being pitiful and easy to forget. Gun comes to the rescue to swoop Mi Young away to the beauty salon for a makeover so that her outer beauty can match her inner beauty. They link arms while walking into the casino, where Gun shows off his poker skills to teach Byung Chul a lesson.

Will Mi Young and Gun meet again after returning to Seoul?

Episode 9: Group Photo Shoot

Gun hires artist Daniel (played by Choi Jin Hyuk) for a collaboration with his company. During the promotional photo shoot, male jealousy takes over when Gun finds out that Mi Young and Daniel are close friends. The trio take photos together, and the two men battle over showing their affection for Mi Young.

Who ends up winning the battle for Mi Young’s heart?

Episode 12: Car Accident

Mi Young mistakenly believes that Gun wants to move forward with the divorce contract. Emotionally drained and crushed after receiving this news from Gun’s jealous former girlfriend, Se Ra (played by Wang Ji Won), Mi Young doesn’t pay attention when crossing the street and gets into a car accident. At the hospital, the doctor breaks the sad news that Mi Young has miscarried the baby.

How do Mi Young and Gun cope in the aftermath of this tragedy?

Episode 13: Return as Ellie Kim

Mi Young accepts Daniel’s offer to mend her broken heart in Paris, where she can develop her craft and enroll in art school. Three years later, she returns for her exhibition as famous artist Ellie Kim. She’s no longer the mousy pushover we met in Episode 1 but has blossomed into a beautiful, confident woman!

Could romantic feelings have sparked between Daniel and Ellie during their time overseas?

Episode 13: Dog Poop Art Piece

Gun learns that Mi Young is back in Seoul and secretly attends her art exhibition. He’s drawn by one piece of a young girl making the snail sign, which was an inside joke between him and Mi Young. He immediately inquires about buying the painting and won’t accept no for an answer.

Does Gun successfully acquire the painting?

Episode 20: Second Wedding

Who doesn’t love a happy ending? We’re all suckers for it! Gun and Mi Young overcome their past issues to find love again. The wedding is full of joy and happiness with their closest friends and family members in attendance to celebrate the special occasion. Gun and Mi Young promise each other that even if death separates them, they will be together forever.

What happens next in their fairy tale life?

Episode 20: Honeymoon Déjà Vu

Marital bliss is short lived when everyone is plotting for a honeymoon baby! To recreate the magical moment that started it all, Secretary Tak (played by Choi Dae Chul) and Yong (played by Choi Wook Shik) are on a secret mission to make sure that Gun and Mi Young’s honeymoon is a success. Again, when they wake up the next morning, Gun and Mi Young can’t remember anything that happened.

Is a honeymoon baby in the cards for Gun and Mi Young?

The Korean version of “Fated to Love You” was definitely a huge hit among fans. It might be over, but you can still catch all the action from the beginning with Episode 1! Hopefully, we’ll see the two Jangs (Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra) reunited onscreen again soon.

Which drama moment was your favorite from “Fated to Love You”? Tell us in the comments!

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