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What Kind of K-Pop Fan Are You? We Have Your Show!

It’s easy to get caught up with watching only dramas on Viki, but did you know about our many K-pop-centric music and variety shows? To make sure you’re not missing out, we put together a list of recommended shows for different types of K-pop fans. Whether you’re new to K-pop or a long-time fan, there’s something here for everyone!

To find out what shows should be on the top of your viewing list, let’s first assess what kind of K-pop fan you are. Keep reading to find out how to get your K-pop fix on Viki!

You’re New to the Fandom

The show for you:Pops in Seoul

Pops in Seoul” features different exciting segments each day of the week! The segments include new music videos on Mondays, the latest K-pop news and a look back at past music on Tuesdays, up-and-coming stars on Wednesdays, an interview with top stars on Thursdays, and the top 20 songs of the week on Fridays. Airing since 1998, “Pops in Seoul,” is the No. 1 source of K-pop music and K-pop stars!

New to K-pop? Watch ‘Pops in Seoul’!

You’re Outgoing and Sociable

The show for you: After School Club

Unlike other music variety shows, “After School Club” allows international fans of K-pop music to interact directly with the artists through social media! Fans can join in on the live broadcasts through video chats on Google Hangouts, send in tweets, share comments on Facebook, ask questions, and even request their favorite music videos. The show is hosted by Eric Nam, the Korean American who rose to fame in “Birth of a Great Star 2.”

Love the idea of connecting with celebs through social media? Watch ‘After School Club’!

You’re a News Junkie

The show for you: Showbiz Korea

In convenient bite-sized clips, stay on top of South Korean entertainment industry news through this daily entertainment news show. The show is hosted by the cosmopolitan Adrien Lee, the Seoul-born, French-raised MC of a Korean father and French mother. Don’t miss this long-running entertainment news show!

Want to stay up-to-date on Korean entertainment news? Try ‘Showbiz Korea’!

You Like Singing and Dancing Along to Your Favorite Tunes

The show for you: Simply K-Pop

If you enjoy singing and dancing along to back-to-back performances, then this show is for you! Both top K-pop stars and rookie bands perform on the show, while they interact with the audience and offer an up-close and personal experience unlike any other music program. Eli of U-KISS hosts the show.

Love jamming along to live performances? Watch ‘Simply K-Pop’!

You Love Attending Concerts

The show for you: WAPOP

WAPOP” is an exciting live performance event geared toward international music fans visiting Korea. Held at Children’s Grand Park in Seoul, the event features exhilarating performances by the hottest K-pop artists, including Bangtan Boys, MBLAQ, 100%, Ailee, SPICA, GLAM, BTOB, AOA and NU’EST, as well as more traditional Korean music. Drop by the WAPOP hall if you’re in Korea! Concerts resume August 8 and are held every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Crazy about concerts? Don’t miss ‘WAPOP’!

You Love Making Videos

The show for you: A Song For You Season 3

A Song for You Season 3” is a global music request program hosted by Super Junior’s Kangin, f(x)’s Amber and BTOB’s Yook Sungjae. Music fans from all over the world can post videos of their stories and song requests on the show’s official Facebook page. Celebrity guests will read the stories and sing the requested songs!

Want a chance to have your idol sing a song just for you? Check out ‘A Song for You Season 3’!
We hope these shows help you find a new way to connect with K-pop! Have you seen any of these shows? Let us know what you think of them in the comments!

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