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KCON Tips: 7 Must-Do’s and Don’ts

In just a few days, all eyes will be on Los Angeles as it turns into North America’s biggest hallyu hotspot. With thousands of fans, music, dramas, food, fashion — not to mention appearances from the biggest names in K-pop and K-dramas — KCON 2014 really can’t get any better. To make sure you’re completely prepared for the big weekend, we’ve compiled a list of some of our own tried-and-tested tips to maximize your convention-going experience!

Here’s some of the things you need to know in order to guarantee that your time at KCON 2014, held August 9-10 at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, is totally daebak.

Do: Have a Plan of Action 

We’re all about carpe diem, but when you have a literal plethora of things to do, see and hear like at KCON, being without an itinerary isn’t the best idea. Make a list of the workshops, special stages and panels (like the one Viki is hosting with Dramabeans and Sean Richard!) you want to check out and give yourself options.

Viki’s KCON panel from last year with Sean Richard and Dramabeans 

Don’t: Start a Fanwar a la Sung Shi Won in “Answer Me 1997

Your favorite idols are probably friends, so you should be, too!  KCON’s all about sharing in the love of all things hallyu, so this is an awesome opportunity to strike up a convo with a fellow fan and revel in anything and everything K-pop, K-drama and beyond.

Do: Run Through Some Vocal Warm-Ups

There will be a lot of screaming, and yes, you will be one of those people. Just like one of my friends once told me, “If you didn’t lose your voice at the concert, you didn’t do it right.” But remember: self-control is key. Being consumed by your feels for hours on end doesn’t exactly make for a fun weekend.

No shame – This would be you, too, if you saw Lee Seung Gi!

Don’t: Be Afraid to Be a K-Pop Dance Machine!

Marathon on every video until you’ve got all the moves down. Seriously — we want to see you perfect the ‘crab walk’ from Girls’ Generation’s “Gee,” the ‘hacky sack’ from “Genie,” and ‘ticking finger clock’ from IU’s “You and I.”

Learn how to crab walk like a pro from Girls’ Generation

Do: Practice Your Perfect Selca Pose

We’re sure you have your go-to pose, but if you needed any more reason to practice, Eric Nam will be taking some selfies (known as selcas in Korean) with fans at the Viki booth (it’s true)! Need to step up your selfie game? Take cuesfrom some of the best in the business.

Remember to show the ‘V sign’ for Viki like CNBLUE!

Don’t: Update Your SNS Every 15 Minutes

We know, it’s asking a lot, but we can guarantee that KCON will be 1,000X better when you’re living in the moment. So once you post that selfie with you and Eric Nam, put the phone back in your bag.

Fight the urge! We believe in you :)

Do: Dress to Impress!

Whether it’s fandom swag that’s collecting in your room or the perfect cosplay outfit, KCON’s the place to rep your favorite artist and live out those hallyu-filled daydreams. This weekend’s all about enjoying yourself, so be comfortable and remember to slather on the sunscreen!  (Also, be sure to get some Viki swag at our booth to help you beat the heat!)

Have any other pieces of advice for KCON attendees?  Let us know in the comments below!

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