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Introducing: New Subtitle Editor and Segment Timer!

Subtitling can be really fun, but it isn't always easy -- it takes time, heart and dedication when you're contributing to one or several shows at any given time. No one understands this better than the Viki community, whose love of the content and commitment to breaking down language barriers is truly amazing. 

So when you told usyou wanted easier and faster subtitling tools, we set out to work. After many months and several rounds of feedback (thank you, QCs!!), we're delighted to finally announce the new Subtitle Editor and Segment Timer. One immediately noticeable change is that subtitling and segmenting will be split into two tools.

The beta Subtitle Editor is now available on all channels, and the beta Segment Timer will be available on all News, Music, Classics and Anime channels in the next 24 hours. We hope you try the new tools and give us your feedback on the Subtitle Editor here and Segment Timer here.

Features of the beta Subtitle Editor:  
  • See your subtitle in the video as you type
  • Easily select languages you want to translate FROM and TO
  • Quickly scroll or TAB to go from one segment to the next 
  • Replay only the segment that you're working on
  • Keyboard shortcuts let you subtitle without having to use the mouse

To get started, select "Subtitle Editor (beta)" from the new "Contribute" pull-down menu on the video viewing page. To learn more about the Subtitle Editor, please check out the FAQ.

The beta Segment Timer will be available on all News, Music, Classics and Anime channels in the next 24 hours. Please note:

  • One big difference you'll notice in the beta Segment Timer is the addition of the "Waveform," which allows you to "see" the dialogue and audio; this should make segmenting/timing much easier and faster!
  • You will no longer have to create "no voice" segments, which means fewer segments to cut! However, it also means that the new Timer cannot exist on the same channels as the old tool.Therefore, channels that have the new Timer will not have access to the old tool.
  • Because the new Timer is easier to use, you'll no longer need to be an approved designated segmenter in order to start segmenting, on News, Music and Classics channels. Instead, everyone accessing the Timer for the first time will be prompted to watch a tutorial video.  

For more information about the beta Segment Timer, please check out this FAQYour feedback will help us continue improving the tools, so please send your thoughts here.

    And finally, a huge "Thank You!" goes out to all the QCs and Power Segmenters who gave feedback during the development and testing of both tools. We couldn't have done this without you!

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