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6 Leading Men Who Are Way Hotter Than Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho may be the hottest Asian actor to grace the globe since … well, no one seems to make the Earth move and women quiver in their shoes quite like this young Korean celebrity. But some of us (okay, ...) don’t understand the frenzy over the young Adonis. Give me a more mature, seasoned actor any day.

Although this is purely this author’s opinion, I think these six Asian actors working today are way hotter than LMH, and they deserve worship-worthy status in the place of — or at the very least — alongside Lee Min Ho!

Choi Jin Hyuk

Whether playing a brooding older brother in “Heirs,” a spiritual demon in “Gu Family Book” or a good-looking executive in “I Need Romance,” Choi Jin Hyuk can make a serious look super sexy!

The moody Choi Jin Hyuk in ‘Heirs’ 

Godfrey Gao

As a college basketball player in the Taiwanese drama “Bull Fighting” and a betrothed man in “Never Give Up, Dodo,” Godfrey Gao is pretty irresistible as a leading man! If you agree, see how you can win an autographed photo of Godfrey Gao below!

Oh, we quite agree, Godfrey Gao. We agree indeed!

Joo Sang Wook

Whether he’s playing an Internet genius in “Cunning Single Lady” or the chair of pediatric surgery in “Good Doctor,” Joo Sang Wook knows how to play a leading man with serious brains.

Joo Sang Wook is a slightly awkward CEO in ‘Cunning Single Lady.’

Kim Hyun Joong

As a tough street fighter in “Inspiring Generation,” the smartest boy in school in “Playful Kiss” or a bonafide member of the privileged F4 in “Boys Over Flowers,” Kim Hyun Joong shows that he can play any kind of a challenging role with almost chameleon-like transformation.

We wish Kim Hyun Joong wouldn’t leave us just yet in ‘Inspiring Generation.’

Mario Maurer

Whether he’s playing a dognapper in the Thai movie “The Dog” or a bad boy who always leaves his girlfriend waiting at home while he’s up to no good in “To Each a Flower,” see for yourself why this half-Thai, half-German actor and model is considered the hottest man in Thailand.

Mario Maurer exudes charisma onscreen, even behind glasses!

Song Seung Heon

With eyebrows that should be considered the best in the business, Song Seung Heon has taken on such diverse roles as a gangster-turned-successful businessman in “When a Man Loves,” a renowned neurosurgeon transported back in time in “Dr. Jin,” the all-too-serious heir to a conglomerate in “My Princess,” and a mafia boss seeking revenge in “East of Eden.” Whatever his role, his chiseled good looks win us over every time.

Song Seung Heon’s thick eyebrows and chiseled jawline would make any fan swoon.

Win an Autographed Picture of Godfrey Gao!

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Leave a comment on this blog telling us which leading man you think is the hottest and include your Viki User ID.

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