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Learn These 5 Spanish Phrases With Viki!

Over the past few months, our language-learning journey has featured Asian languages such as Chinese, Thai and Korean. Now, let's transition to Indo-European languages starting with Spanish!

See below as we break down and translate some Spanish phrases into English from popular telenovelas found on Viki.

Wild Cat

Luis Mario (played by Mario Cimarro) and his wife, Camelia (played by Marjorie de Sousa), get out of the car to board a yacht for a romantic getaway. Before they take off for their “second honeymoon,” he asks, “Are you ready for the great adventure?”

Love Contract

Willy (played by Jose Angel Llamas) is under the gun to marry before he turns 30 or his grandmother is threatening to take away his inheritance. After placing an ad in the newspaper for a prospective wife, he waits at a bar for a woman with a white rose who responded to his ad. As soon as Mariana (played by Elizabeth Gutierrez) appears, Willy approaches her and says, “Hello, beautiful.”

Torrent of Passions

Ana Julia (played by Maritza Bustamante) gets into an accident and Bayardo (played by Ivan Tamayo) nurses her back to health. When it turns out that Ana Julia has lost her memory, Bayardo learns her identity from his sources. As soon as Ana Julia knows that she’s actually a fugitive, she decides to go to the authorities. Before leaving, she says goodbye to Bayardo and tells him, “Love is never wrong.”

Made in Cartagena

Watusi (played by Khris Cifuentes), Flora’s longtime boyfriend and Champeta dance partner, decides to propose to Flora, promising her a life of love, family, happiness and Champeta. On the beach, he gives Flora (played by Carmen Villalobos) a ring and says, “Do you want to marry me?” She accepts, but what she doesn’t know is that her life would change forever on the next day.

Eva Luna

Eva (played by Blanca Soto), her sister and father come to Los Angeles to live a new life, but Eva’s father really brought them to the city to tell them the truth about their biological mother. Hoping to make some money, Eva gets a job as a masseuse but soon loses it thanks to Daniel (played by Guy Ecker). At Eva’s next job as a car model, Daniel and Leonardo (played by Julian Gil) show up and start to flirt with her. She wants them to get lost and says, “I could care less.”

What other Spanish words have you learned while watching telenovelas? Let us know below in the comments!

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