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Language-Learning Challenge #3: Round-Up Quiz

For the past few weeks, we've tested your language learning with the "Hotel King"True or False Questions and "Love Myself or You"One-Liners. It's been great seeing the huge response and conversations in Discussions!

The answers to last week's challenge questions in Chinese were 1. b) "You must listen to me!" and 2. a) "Don't even think that I'll be going easy on you." Hope you got them both correct!

We mentioned that participation in these activities will earn points towards gifts such as books from Tuttle Publishing and other Viki merchandise.

Here is how the points system works:
  • Participation will be awarded 1 point per challenge while every correct answer will earn an additional point per question.
  • Up to 3 extra points can be earned each week by contributing to the Discussions page topics. Please note that these must be quality comments, not just simple responses. 
  • Bonus points will be available for things such as most correct translations and sub-a-thons.
The current leaderboard stands as follows:

Maybe you didn't have enough time to join in recently, but it's not too late to start your language-learning journey with Viki so now is your chance to quickly catch up!

Next week, we will have our first Tuttle book giveaway. Only users in the Top 10 ranking will be eligible, with one lucky language learner walking away with a book gift.

Continue earning points with this week's Language-Learning Challenge: Round-Up Quiz! The questions will review Chinese, Thai, and Korean - the three languages we've featured so far. There is a bonus point available for up to 5 users who submit the most correct translation for each language.

Round-Up Quiz

1. In Episode 6 of "Tie The Knot," Xiao Mei (played by Cheryl Yang) reveals to her client's husband that she had spoken with his fiancée before she decided to postpone their wedding. After hearing this, he blames Xiao Mei and becomes very angry. He yells, "搞了半天倩文要把婚事延后就是你搞的鬼 (gao le ban tian qian wen yao ba hun shi yan hou jiu shi ni gao de gui)."

Write the most correct translation for "搞了半天倩文要把婚事延后就是你搞的鬼"and enter your answer in this survey
*Hint: It's similar to the "Dragon Gate" phrase from the previous "Learn These 5 Chinese Phrases With Viki" blog.

2. In Episode 1 of "Doctor Stranger," Park Hoon (played by Lee Jong Suk) sold Wonder Girls' tapes to buy a ring to propose to Song Jae Hee (played by Jin Se Yeon). She calls him crazy because it's dangerous to sell things, especially if they come from South Korea. Jae Hee says, "니가 미쳐도 단단히 미쳤구나! 이딴 것 때문에 그 위험한 짓을 한단 말이야? (ni ga mi cheo do dan dan hee mi cheot gu na! ee ddan gut ddae mae gue wi hum han jit eul han dan mal ee ya?)"

Write the most correction translation for "니가 미쳐도 단단히 미쳤구나! 이딴 것 때문에 그 위험한 짓을 한단 말이야?" and enter your answer in this survey.
*Hint: It's similar to the answer for the second question in the previous "Hotel King"True or False Questions

3. In "The Library," Ann (played by Selina Wisemann) discovers a note left by Jim (played by Ananda Everingham) addressed to her inside a library book he had borrowed. He wrote, "ฉันขอบคุณมากสำหรับทุกอย่าง (chahn cawb khun mahk sum rlup took yahng)" to show his gratitude for all her help recommending good books.

Write the most correction translation for "ฉันขอบคุณมากสำหรับทุกอย่าง"and enter your answer in this survey.
*Hint: It's similar to the "Art Idol" phrase from the previous "Learn These 5 Thai Phrases With Viki" blog.

**If you haven't tried it out yet, give the One-Liner tool a shot to test your skills on writing and editing in different languages! Also, remember to keep up with language learning in Discussions and we'll have you speaking and understanding several languages in no time.

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Some titles on Viki are not available in certain regions of the world. But Qualified Contributors (QCs) can view and contribute to most titles. Read this blog post to learn how to become a QC. 

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