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5 Reasons Birthday Girl Puff Guo Can’t Be Ignored!

Today, we officially celebrate a quarter century of life for rising Taiwanese star Puff Guo!

With recent success in “Just You” and “Love Myself or You,” she’s become high in demand as a drama leading actress. All of you even voted for her to move on to the next round of our Viki #WorldCup2014 Celebrity Bracket in a tight race against Lee Da Hae!

Happy 25th Birthday, Puff!

We absolutely adore Puff Guo, and there’s no stopping her as she rides this wave of increasing popularity. Check out these five reasons why she continues to get even hotter and hotter!

She’s a Triple Threat — Singer, Actress, Dancer

In April 2011, Puff debuted as a member of Taiwanese girl group Dream Girls. Her fellow members include Emily Song, who is Korean, and Tia Li, who is Taiwanese and currently starring in “Fall in Love With Me” with Aaron Yan.

Dream Girls members from left to right: Tia, Puff, Emily

She was Named the Sexiest Woman in the World

For both 2013 and 2014, Puff received the most votes to top the list for FHM Taiwan’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World. She beat out heavy favorites, including Amber An, who held the title in 2011 and 2012.

She’s Shared the Screen With the Hottest Male Co-Stars

In “Just You,” Qi Yi (played by Aaron Yan) decides to buy a small marketing design company and his childhood home. The problem is that the home is currently being rented by Cheng Liang Liang (played by Puff Guo), who refuses to move out. When Qi Yi arrives at his new company, he discovers that Liang Liang works there, too!

In “Love Myself or You,” Du Kai Qi (played by Puff Guo) is an independent, single woman who is passionate about her job as a sous chef at fine-dining French restaurant, Figaro Cuisine. Fu Zi Jie (played by Jasper Liu) shows up as the new intern, while hiding the fact that he’s a classically trained chef who just returned from France.

She’s Making a Name for Herself in Korea

Starring as Heechul’s (from “Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team”) partner in “We Got Married Global Edition Season 2,” Puff is slowly becoming well known outside of Taiwan. On the show, Puff and Heechul learn to overcome their language barriers and enjoy a variety of activities as a newlywed couple. With newfound fame in Korea, maybe Puff will venture into Japan or Thailand next?

She Fought Her Way to Success

Puff had a difficult and sad childhood, with the early passing of her mother from breast cancer. To support her younger sister, she started working as a model at age 20 and gave up on her academic study. It’s great to see that all her hard work paid off — go girl power!

What do you love most about Puff? Let us know in the comments!

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