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Language-Learning Challenge #2: One-Liners

We recently announced the start of our new Language-Learning Challenges to show how easy and fun it can be to learn a new language. We’re so happy to see such great response to the book gifts sponsored by Tuttle Publishing

The answers to last week’s challenge questions in Korean from the drama “Hotel King” were both True. For the first question, when Jae Wan (played by Lee Dong Wook) says, “괜찮아 (Gwen-chan-ah),” he was comforting Mo Ne (played by Lee Da Hae) by saying, “It’s okay,” while patting her head. For the second question, Jae Wan yells, 미쳤어 (Mi-cheo-ssuh)?” at Mo Ne, saying “Are you crazy?” when he found out she helped release Lee Joong Go (played by Lee Duk Hwa) from jail. Hope you got them both correct!

Now, here is the next set of language-learning challenge questions in Chinese! Both of these questions relate to one-liners spoken by Du Kai Qi (played by Puff Guo) in “Love Myself of You.” You can submit your answers in this survey


1. Kai Qi says “你要听我的 (Ni yao ting wo de)” while drying off Xiao Yi after giving him a bath.

Choose the correct translation for “你要听我的 (Ni yao ting wo de).”

a) You must support me! 
b) You must listen to me! 
c) You must stop me! 

2. Kai Qi says “别想我会放水 (Bie xiang wo hui fang shui)” to Ah Jie (played by Jasper Liu) during their discussion about training for the upcoming cooking competition. 

Choose the correct translation for “别想我会放水 (Bie xiang wo hui fang shui).”

a) Don’t even think that I’ll be going easy on you.
b) Don’t even think that I’ll be putting water on the floor.
c) Don’t even think that I’ll forgive you. 

Keep the conversation going in Discussions on Language Learning topics such as “Words and phrases learned from watching dramas and movies” and “Languages you already know or want to learn”! Remember, you earn points by submitting these Language-Learning Challenges, and the more points you earn, the better your chances of winning book gifts sponsored by Tuttle Publishing!

Continue following our Language-Learning Challenges on Viki, and we’ll have you speaking and understanding several languages in no time. Be on the lookout for our next challenge so you don’t miss out! If you haven’t already, be sure to take our first Language-Learning Challenge in Korean!

Some titles on Viki are not available in certain regions of the world. But Qualified Contributors (QCs) can view and contribute to most titles. Read this blog post to learn how to become a QC.

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