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Celebrate Lee Min Ho’s Birthday With His 5 Best Kiss Scenes!

Happy early birthday to one of the most beloved actors in the world — Lee Min Ho! He turns 28 on June 22. We’re celebrating his birthday with a recap of our favorite Lee Min Ho kissing scenes from each of his dramas, which are just one of the many reasons we’ve fallen in love with this actor!

So pucker up and enjoy these great Lee Min Ho kissing scenes!

Boys Over Flowers — Episode 10

Jun Pyo (played by Lee Min Ho) is in the car with his cruel and conniving mother, who has forbidden him from dating Jan Di (played by Gu Hye Sun). Jun Pyo’s intentionally has her driver pass by the place where Jan Di and her family are selling snacks on the side of the road. Ignoring her anger and disapproval, Jun Pyo gets out of the car, walks right up to Jan Di and kisses her in the middle of the street for everyone to see. Afterwards, they take a walk and Jun Pyo makes Jan Di promise that if anything happens, she’ll let him know, and that she won’t run away from him. Aww!

Jun Pyo and Jan Di’s traffic-stopping kiss in Episode 10 of ‘Boys Over Flowers’

Personal Taste — Episode 11

Kae In (played by Son Ye Jin) storms out in the middle of a musical and tells Chang Ryul that she can’t do this anymore; she only dated him so that she could exact revenge for the hurt he caused her. Chang Ryul says that it’s okay because he knows he can make her like him for real, but Kae In says it’s impossible ... because Chang Ryul doesn’t know who has her heart. Overhearing this, Jin Ho (played by Lee Min Ho) strides over, grabs Kae In and says “It’s game over,” and kisses her passionately. After the kiss, Kae In is obviously confused because she still thinks that her former roommate Jin Ho is gay. Jin Ho confesses that he’s straight (finally!). Gae In gets justifiably angry, but she puts her anger on hold as she hugs him.

Jin Ho passionately kisses Kae In, who still thinks he’s gay, in Episode 11 of ‘Personal Taste

City Hunter — Episode 9

Yoon Sung (played by Lee Min Ho) has another nightmare where he’s unable to save Na Na (played by Park Min Young), and he decides that he needs to see her right away to make sure she’s okay. At her apartment, Na Na also is tossing and turning with worry about Yoon Sung, so she goes to the roof to get some air. Yoon Sung shows up and angrily asks her why she’s out alone at 2 a.m. She returns his anger, asking why he makes people worry by not answering his phone. Rather than continuing this lover’s spat, Yoon Sung interrupts her with a kiss. It’s bittersweet because Yoon Sung will soon leave Na Na in an effort to protect her.

The bittersweet kiss between Yoon Sung and Na Na in Episode 9 of ‘City Hunter

The Great Doctor (aka Faith) — Episode 17

In order for Choi Young (played by Lee Min Ho) to rescue Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun) from a royal wedding, he kisses her in front of her would-be husband and other officials. This unexpected kiss is their first and only kiss in the series. Starting with this moment, the chemistry that had been building between this popular noona/dongsaeng (older woman/younger man) couple finally starts to turn into something more.

Choi Young’s chivalrous kiss with Eun Soo in Episode 17 of ‘The Good Doctor (aka Faith)

Heirs — Episode 16

Eun Sang (played by Park Shin Hye) has made a deal with the chairman, Tan’s father. Rather than forcing her to leave immediately, he will let Eun Sang spend two more weeks with Tan (played by Lee Min Ho). But after two weeks, Eun Sang must get on a plane to a location of the chairman’s choosing. When Tan gets a hint of this situation, he’s terrified that Eun Sang will leave without letting him know, so he asks Eun Sang to meet him with her passport in hand. When she arrives, he takes the passport away from her and pulls her into the storage closet. He tells her not to go and kisses her desperately. We’d say this was the most intense Lee Min Ho kiss to date!

The intense kiss between Tan and Eun Sang in Episode 16 of ‘Heirs

Which of these kissing scenes is your favorite? Do you have another favorite Lee Min Ho kiss? Let us know! And happy birthday to the “heir” of Asian cinema!

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