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10 Ways To Spend Your Summer Break With Viki

School is out and summer is finally here! While we totally support binge watching hours of Viki, here are some helpful suggestions for how to make the most of your time off. 

1. Learn a New Sport 

Get some sunshine and hit the beach. Layer on the SPF and catch some waves surfing, like Lee Min Ho in 'Heirs.

Want to make contact with a ball? Pick up a tennis racket and hit the court like 'Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo.'

2. Learn a New Language 

Oppa, annyoung, wae these are some of the first words any K-Drama fan learns, but whatever language you want to learn, Viki is a great place to start.  Check out 5 helpful Chinese phrases to get started.

Saranghae to all the community members who make learning languages on Viki possible!

3. Volunteer on Viki

Did you know all the subtitles on Viki are done by our volunteer community of fans just like you? Get in on the fun and try it out. 

4. Try New Foods

Who doesn't love food? Summer is the perfect excuse to try new things. Get inspired by haute cuisine in new Puff Guo's new Taiwanese drama in 'Love Myself or You', or go with something classic like ramen in 'Ramen Walker.' Nom nom nom. 

5. Travel

Looking to get away and go on an adventure? Enjoy walks on the beach, biking along the mountain trails, or soaking up the sunshine in beautiful places such as these:

Jeju Island from 'Scent of a Woman

Boracay Island from 'Love, Now'

6. Find a New Love

Single? Warmer weather means romance is heating up! Get in the loving spirit with 'I Need Romance 3,' and 'Fabulous 30.'

7. Try Out a New Look

We're not saying you need to go as far as Sulli in 'To the Beautiful You' and cut off all your hair and dress like a guy, but a new fresh look can be fun. 

Maybe start simple with a new lipstick color like Cheon Song Yi in "My Love From The Star."

8. Get a Job

Summer is a great time to get a part-time job and make some extra cash. You might be able to find a job at the mall, like Gong Hyo Jin in 'Master's Sun.' Better hope you don't start seeing ghosts!

9. Get In Shape

Hit the gym and work on getting your own set of chocolate abs like Vanness Wu in 'Autumn's Concerto,' Kim Hyun Joong in 'Inspiring Generation,' or Seo In Guk in 'Reply 1997.'

10. Relax

Take some time to pamper yourself. Can't make it to a real spa? Follow Park Ki Woong and treat yourself to an at home mask face in 'Full House Take 2.'

Get a golden glow like Park Ki Woong

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