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Celebrate Children’s Day With 6 Cutest Child Stars

Beginning today (May 5), dozens of countries around the world celebrate Children’s Day through the middle of June. Many other countries have special days for children on other days of the year, with the United Nations-recognized Universal Children’s Day being celebrated on November 20.

To tip our hats to all the children of the world, we wanted to highlight some of the cutest and best child actors working today from our favorite television dramas.

Miki Honoka

This up-and-coming Japanese actress has made quite an impression since her acting debut in 2010. The 16-year-old’s starring role as the bumbling Kotoko in “Mischievous Kiss: Love in TOKYO” has made her a bona fide star.

Honoka Miki as the bubbly Kotoko in ‘Mischievous Kiss: Love in TOKYO

Yeo Jin Goo

One of the hottest young actors in Korea, Yeo Jin Goo has gained legions of fans with his great acting ability despite his tender 16 years of age. He has already racked up many acting awards, including Best Child Actor for his role in “The Moon Embracing the Sun.”

Yeo Jin Goo in his award-winning role as the young Lee Hwon in ‘The Moon Embracing the Sun

Kim Yoo Bin

This adorable 9-year-old Korean actress already has an impressive list of credits to her acting career and already has a Best Child Actress award under her belt! She stars in the just-ended drama “God’s Gift — 14 Days.”

Kim Yoo Bin lights up the screen as Saet Byeol in ‘God’s Gift — 14 Days

Le Le

This newcomer Taiwanese actress made everyone fall in love with her as the 7-year-old Wen Di in the Taiwanese drama “Two Fathers.”

Le Le melted everyone’s hearts as Wen Di in ‘Two Fathers

Gabriela Borges

This triple threat (known the world over for her acting, singing and dancing ability) wowed audiences in the role of Daniel’s daughter, Laurita, in “Eva Luna,” and she even brought the house down with her performance of “Ave Maria” in the final episode. The 14-year-old is a native of Miami, Florida, and has won numerous international dance competitions and was nominated as Best Child Actress by the El Nuevo Herald in 2011. Because of her love of fashion, the actress also has partnered with Univision to develop her own brand.

Gabriela Borges proved her acting and singing chops in ‘Eva Luna

Kim Yoo Jung

No list of today’s cutest and best child actors would be complete without this prolific and talented young Korean actress. Equally adept at period dramas as well as modern-day stories, Yoo Jung has both the looks and the acting chops to back it up. At age 14, Yoo Jung has already compiled a huge pile of best child actress awards for her many roles, including her tear-jerker performance as the young Hae Joo in “May Queen.”

Kim Yoo Jung as the young Hae Joo in ‘May Queen

Which child actor or actress is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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