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5 Little-Known Facts About Birthday Boy Park Hae Jin

Happy 30th birthday to Park Hae Jin! As he celebrates a new decade, here are five facts you may not know about this hot Korean actor who is making waves across Asia.

Happy 30th birthday, Park Hae Jin!

He is so near-sighted, he was permanently exempted from military duty. 

The actor is so nearsighted that following a physical exam in 2003, Park was treated for medical issues and permanently exempted from mandatory military service.

His breakout K-drama role was in “East of Eden.”

While “East of Eden” was his third Korean drama, the 2008 series made Park famous. He played the son of a Union leader who was switched at birth with the son of his father’s mortal enemy. In 2008, Park won the MBC Drama Awards Newcomer Award for his role in the K-drama.

Lee Jong Suk thinks his Doctor Stranger co-star is better-looking than he is!

Recently, during a press conference for the upcoming series “Doctor Stranger,” Lee Jong Suk said, “I feel inferior to Park Hae Jin because he’s so good-looking.”

Park Hae Jin and Lee Jong Suk will star together in ‘Doctor Stranger’

Did you love Park as the second male lead in “My Love From the Star?” Watch a trailer for his upcoming series “Doctor Stranger” below:

He’s an avid collector of Gundam figures and sneakers.

Park says he collects the Gundam plastic model kits and sneakers. He hopes his popularity helps to increase sneaker sales when he is photographed wearing certain styles.

He’s a popular Hallyu star in China and has been on Chinese TV shows.

Park debuted in China through his drama “Famous Princesses.” He's also acted in Chinese productions such as  “Duo Duo’s Marriage” in 2011 and "Far Away Love"in 2013.

Park Hae Jin debuted in China through his drama ‘Famous Princesses’
What do you like most about this versatile actor? Let us know in the comments below!

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