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Explore the World With Viki: Taiwan

Watching dramas and movies on Viki is a great way to explore the world! This week, Viki is exploring Taiwan through some of our favorite dramas! Watch these Taiwanese dramas to learn more about Taiwan’s iconic sights.

Minquan Old Street

Minquan Old Street is a part of the historical northern Taiwan district of Sanxia. Best known for its ornate architecture and shops, Old Street is a go-to place for shopping and snacking. It was featured in  popular drama “Love Family.”

Old Street in ‘Love Family’

Yangmingshan National Park

Yangmingshan National Park is one of Taiwan’s eight national parks. It’s a tourist’s delight filled with amazing hiking trails, hot springs, cherry blossom trees, and even an inactive volcano!
The guys compete in a bicycle race in the national park in Episode 3 of “In a Good Way.” 

A bridge and field in Yangmingshan National Park

Vincent Park Cable Car

In “My Lucky Star,” couple Ah Xing and Tian Qi are supposed to meet here and confess their feelings for each other. Open year-round, this park is famous for its wide variety of plants and animals. 
You can see the Vincent Park Cable Car in Episode 18 of “My Lucky Star.”

The cable car scene in ‘My Lucky Star’

Yilan County

In “Fated to Love You,” Yilan County is the hometown of female lead character, Chen Xin Yi (played by Joe Chen). However, in the show, the location is known as Jiang Mu Island. Yilan County in Taiwan’s northeast region is best known for its beautiful scenery, International Children’s Folklore Festival, Dongshan River Water Park, and the Yilan Green International Film Festival.
Episode 3 of “Fated to Love You takes place in Yilan.

Boats docked in a river at Yilan
Taipei 101
Standing at 509 meters, Taipei 101 was the world’s tallest building until 2010. Marvel at the 101 Building in the “2014 Taipei 101 New Years Eve Countdown!

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