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Lost in Translation: 10 Crazy TV Show Titles

If you're a fan of foreign TV dramas, you've probably had the following embarrassing conversation:

"What are you watching now?"
"It's a show called "Boys Over Flowers" -- it's about a girl who..."
"What kind of name is that? Do these boys have a flower shop? This sounds lame."
"It makes sense in Korean, trust me!"

We've all been there. Here are our picks for the top 10 confusing, awkward, and downright crazy titles on TV:

10.The Tragedy of W: I never knew that learning my ABC's would be so dramatic.

9. Me Too, Flower!: No, you shouldn't have that much in common with a plant.

8. Holy Battle in Couleur de Rose - The Future is in Our Hands: Why choose one long title, when you can have two?

7. Panda and Hedgehog: Either this is a heartwarming children's cartoon, or a strange gene-splicing experiment.

6. Smiling Pasta: Why does my dinner have feelings?

5. Answer Me 1997: Last time I checked, 1997 was a year; I don't think we'll be getting an answer anytime soon.

4. Without Breasts, There's No Paradise: As true as the message may be, saying it out loud still gets me in trouble with friends and family.

3. Escaping from Charisma: This sounds like a horror film made for anti-social people. 

2. A Hole in My Panty: That's what happens when you leave your laundry in the dryer too long, right?
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1. True Love/Inborn Pair: Would I be wrong to assume this drama is about twins who fall in love while still in the womb?

Have you had to explain a strange English translation to your friends? What's the funniest title missing from this list?

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