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What If Spring Forward Meant Time Travel?

This Sunday, those of us in the United States will set our clocks one hour ahead for Daylight Saving Time. Waking up an hour earlier won’t be fun, but we can put the inconvenience in perspective by being grateful that it’s only one hour, and not hundreds of years!

Some of our friends on Viki are not so lucky. These unfortunate characters sometimes wake up to find that they are stranded in the past or in the future with no way to get back to their own time period. Here are some of our favorite recent time travel (or Daylight Saving time gone wrong?) stories.

Man Comes to Tang Dynasty

If you traveled back in time more than 1,000 years, what would you do? Would you use your knowledge of the future to predict events and create useful tools? That’s what Wang Zhi Hao (played by Zhang Jun Han) does in this funny Chinese web series, livening up the past with exciting “new” inventions like perfume and soccer!

History is turned upside down in ‘Man Comes to Tang Dynasty.’

God’s Gift — 14 Days

This Korean thriller premiered this week, taking a different approach to time travel. Through an encounter with the paranormal, a desperate mother (played by Lee Bo Young) is able to go back 14 days before her daughter’s murder to find the killer and stop the crime. You can see her in the suspenseful trailer below:

Lucky Days

On a more light-hearted note, Jen Hsiao Kuo (played by Chris Wang) is a a man who finds a software program that lets him “edit” his previous actions in this Taiwanese drama. Trying to delete his relationship mistakes, Hsiao Kuo ends up making things more complicated than they were before.

Chris Wang can ‘undo’ his mistakes in ‘Lucky Days.’
Time Slip of 10,000 Years: Prime Rose

This action-packed fantasy anime depicts a world 10,000 years in the future, where the cities of Dallas, Texas, and Kujukuri, Japan must go to war. Warrior princess Emiya takes on enemies from around the world with her magical sword, but will she ever be able to return home to her kingdom?

Rooftop Prince

Crown Prince Lee Gak (played by Park Yoochun) and three of his attendants accidentally travel from the Chosun Dynasty 300 years into the future to modern-day Seoul, landing in the rooftop apartment of an unsuspecting young woman. Hysterically out of their element, these young men fumble through modern society as they try to solve the murder of the prince’s young wife and return to the past.

Prince Lee Gak experiences a carnival game for the first time in Episode 3.
If you could time travel, what time period would you travel to? A few hours, or a few centuries? As we can see from the creative fantasy dramas above, time travel can be a blessing or a curse!

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