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10 Tips From Top Stars for Taking Great Selfies

So we have a confession to make  were guilty of the selfie. Selfie was Oxford Dictionarys 2013 Word of the Year, and in case you’ve been living under a rock, it means a picture you take of yourself to post onto social media. And during last night’s 86th Academy Awards, host Ellen DeGeneres grabbed a bunch of Hollywood celebs for the best selfie ever  it now has almost 3 million re-tweets (and counting, as of the time of this writing), making in the most re-tweeted Tweet of all time.

Love them or hate them, selfies are here to stay. So learn how to take them properly with these 10 great tips from top stars.

1. Find Your Light

Avoid backlighting (light streaming from behind you) and try to face the light. Natural light is the most flattering. When all else fails, use a filter. Flash is not your friend and you should avoid it if possible. Its harsh and can cause the dreaded red-eye.

Kim Woo Bin, star of Heirs and School 2013, takes a selfie that shows the power of good lighting.

Kim Woo Bin leans into the light 

2. Grab a Friend

Whats better than sharing a great moment smiling with a friend? OK, so it totally helps if your friends are super good looking like Park Hyung Sik and Lee Min Ho from Heirs.

3. Hold the Camera Horizontally and Tilt It Downward 45 Degrees

This angle is very flattering on the body and will make you look slim. Cyndi Wang, star of the Taiwanese drama Second Life, makes this look easy. Bonus points for holding her arms away from her body; this trick will make you look skinnier! 

4. Find Your Good Side

We all have our good side, so find yours and use it! Experiment with many different angles and head tilts to find your perfect pose. Try turning your head at a slight angle. Its usually more flattering than looking at the camera straight on (which can look kinda like a mugshot). 

TaecYeon, star of the upcoming Korean drama Wonderful Days, highlights the importance of a good head tilt.

5. Put on Some Makeup

A little color can make your face pop! Jun Ji Hyun from My Love From the Star loves taking selfies in this drama. 

I Hear Your Voice” co-stars Lee Bo Young and Lee Da Hee show off their pretty faces in these cute selfies. Lee Bo Young is also starring in the upcoming drama God's Gift.

6. Filter Friendly 

Filters are your friend. They get rid of wrinkles and bags and help give you a glowing complexion. So use em. 

The soft lighting filter that Mario Maurer, star of To Each a Flower, used here with Laila Boonyasak is very flattering and forgiving. 

7. Clear the Clutter

A good, clean background is just as important as your gorgeous face. Make sure the photo focuses on you. While Aaron Yan has mastered his angelic smile, he forgot to check behind him to see his Just You co-star Puff Guophotobombing him.

Aaron Yan forgot to check his background for a photo bomb 

8. If at First You Dont Succeed, Try Again 

Take multiple selfies and pick the best one. Jang Geun Seuk, star of the K-drama Beautiful Man, loves a good selfie. So much so that he understands the need for multiples. He also loves sharing selfies from set with his fans, such as the one below wearing a uniform while filming Beautiful Man.

9. Repeat After Me: Do. Not. Duckface. 

You think youre being all cute, but really no one looks cute like this. Be natural and smile. 

We love you, Godfrey Gao (star of Never Give Up, Dodo), but lose the ducklips. 

10. Have Fun

Lets be real — we will never look as gorgeous as some stars fresh faces, but we can still rock it. Be creative and have fun!

Office” co-stars John Krasinski and Craig Robinson are clearly having fun taking this selfie and it shows.

Let us know what your must-do rules are for taking selfies!

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