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How Well Do You Know Celebrity Six-Packs?

Drama fans watch their favorite series for the riveting storyline, the complex characters, and the exciting suspense. Its definitely not because of the steamy shower scenes, or other exhibitions of rampant six-packs that have overtaken the drama manscape.

You probably skip these scenes to move on to the real story, and you certainly don’t pause the scene to watch them again, like the following shower scene of Song Seung Heon in My Princess.

Gong Yoo discovers his chocolate abs in Big.
So even if you don’t pay attention to them at all, we want to test your Drama Six-Pack IQ. How many of the following celebrities can you identify just by looking at their six-packs? 

Let the games begin! 

1. Who owns this tastefully-tan torso?

2. How many crunches would it take to look like this?

3. Someone’s ready to take a dip; can we join?

4. If we subscribe to Men’s Health, do we get the man on the cover, too?

5. Is there any room for me in those jeans?

6. This boy-next-door on the beach stars in one of the best American comedy shows.

See the answers to these celebrity six-packs below. How many did you get right?

  1. Godfrey Gao of Never Give Up, Dodo!
  2. Jeon Ji Hyeon of My Love From the Star
  3. Jung Il Woo of Golden Rainbow
  4. Lee Beom Soo of The Prime Minister Is Dating
  5. Vanness Wu of Ti Amo Chocolate
  6. John Krasinski of The Office
Score Yourself!
  • 4 or more correct: You have a near photographic memory and probably have a Ph.D in Chocolate Ab-ology.
  • 2-3 correct: Your mental encyclopedia of abs should probably be expanded to include non-Korean six-packs! There is so much to see outside Seoul.
  • 1 or 0 correct: You need to watch more dramas to increase your Drama Six-Pack IQ so that you can score higher on our next test. We highly recommend When a Man Loves,” Heirs” and the currently airing “Inspiring Generation.

Special thanks to cornishpixie and the Beauty Queen Team at the Miss Korea channel for starting this great game!

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