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Are Dramas Ruining Your Love Life?

Why oh why cant love be like our favorite TV shows? Is that too much to ask? As avid drama fans, many of us have found that the romantic stories in our favorite dramas are ruining us for real relationships. Here are just a few of the ways we may be losing touch with reality.

You Have Unrealistic Expectations of Future Partners 

Whether its the grand romantic gestures or the ridiculously good shape the stars are in, the leading men in our favorite dramas make us set unrealistically high bars for any real mates.

The drama men are stylish, give piggyback rides, and even sing and dance, like Lee Ki Kwang in 20’s.” So why can’t we find that in our real partners?

You Get So Caught Up in a Show That You Lose Touch With Reality 

Some of us have started listening to peoples thoughts because of Lee Jong Suk in I Hear Your Voice. Its great to know that all of our crushes are in love with us, too! Right…?

You Wont Settle for Anything Other Than Chocolate Abs

Goodness gracious, great abs of steel. Song Seung Heon in My Princess, anyone? Or Vanness Wu in Taiwanese drama "Autumn's Concerto." 

You Wont Go Out Anymore

And why would we, when we can watch all the best global TV for free on Viki? Just stay at home like Dok Mi in Flower Boy Next Door and let the day pass by.

Youre Starting to Think Stalking Can Be Kinda Romantic

Which its totally not, of course! Unless the only way we can stop seeing scary ghosts is by touching the body of So Ji Sub. Oops!

You Are Seriously in Love With a Fictional Character 

We are so in love with Kim Soo Hyun in My Love From the Star, a character whos not only fictional, but a fictional alien. Someone help us.

You Think Being Super Poor Will Help Attract Rich Men

This is maybe one of K-dramas biggest clichés. Geum Jan Di (Boys Over Flowers) manages to make Gu Jun Pyo fall for her between working multiple part-time jobs and school. And how can we forget the classic scenario where the girl has no other option but to move in with her crush due to circumstances beyond her control, like Oh Ha Ni (Playful Kiss) after her house is destroyed in an earthquake, and Cha Eun Sang (Heirs), whose mother works as a maid in Kim Tans house?
Or "Princess' Stand In," where an ugly bucktoothed girl gets free plastic surgery to resemble a rich guy's dead fiancé.

You Think Traveling Across the World Will Help Your Relationship

Go Eun Chan (
Coffee Prince) and Tae Gong Shil (Master’s Sun) both went on distant solo adventures right when things seemed to be getting good and came back to relationships that seemed to be even stronger than before.

You Expect Grand Romantic Gestures

While the male lead doesnt always start out treating the girl very nicely, we love it when they show their affection with grand romantic gestures, like Ba Wool bringing So Yi a giant stuffed teddy bear in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

Or Chris Wang in Taiwanese Drama "Love Family" who searches tirelessly for his childhood 'angel' with only a scarf as a clue to her identity. 

If our expectations are unrealistic, then we don’t want to face reality! Let us know in the comments below how being a drama fan has ruined you forever!

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