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Part 1: The Best Asian Drama Bromances

One thing that we thoroughly enjoy about watching dramas is the bromance, a term used to describe endearing friendships (or sometimes angst-ridden relationships) between two male friends. In our favorite bromances, the characters have known each other for years, have gone through thick and thin together, and tease and joke with each other like theres no tomorrow. They might fight, but once the fight is over, their friendship stronger and closer than ever.

Here is Part I of our favorite bromances from Asian dramas.

Two Fathers — Xiang Xi and Zhen Hua

In the 2012 Taiwanese drama “Two Fathers,” Tang Xiang Xi (played by Yang Leroy) and Wen Zhen Hua (played by Lin You Wei) are two straight bachelors who raise a baby girl together because they don’t know which one is the girls father (from a past girlfriend). Although they aren’t in a relationship, the men act like a mom and dad (e.g., Zhen Hua tying Xiang Xi’s tie for him), which makes for a pretty entertaining bromance.

Reply 1997 — Kang Joon Hee and Yoon Yoon Jae 

In the successful 2012 Korean drama “Reply 1997, the friendship between Yoon Yoon Jae (played by Seo In Guk) and Kang Joon Hee (Hoya) was a bittersweet one. The two were always there for each other and had a great friendship, but it broke our hearts watching the gay Joon Hee pine over Yoon Jae, who would never return his feelings.

A Gentleman’s Dignity — Im Tae San  and Kim Do Jin

In the 2012 Korean drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity, we witness an impressive decades-long friendship among four grown men who still act like boys when they’re all together. Best friends Kim Do Jin (played by Jang Dong Gun) and Im Tae San (played by Kim Soo Roo) are like oil and water: Their opposite personalities often lead to fights, but at the end of the day, they cant live without each other.

Shut Up! Flower Boy Band — Yoo Byung Hee and Kwon Ji Hyuk

In the 2012 Korean drama “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band, the bromance between bandmates Yoo Byun Hee (played by Lee Min Ki) and Kwon Ji Hyuk (Sung Joon) lasted only for a short time. But even within that short time period, we could clearly see the close bond between the eccentric, charismatic band leader Byung Hee and his best friend, Ji Hyuk, who share a common bond with music and family situations. And even when Byung Hee isn’t around anymore, his memory continues to inspire his friends to take their band, Eye Candy, as far as they can go.

Dear Brother — Takehiko Henmi and Takashi Ichinomiya

Yes, “Dear Brother is a Japanese anime, but its worth being included in this list. The protagonist, Nanako, is a girl who attends a prestigious high school and deals with the stress of high school life by writing to Takehiko, her former tutor whom she looks up to and calls “brother. Takehiko and Takashi are college buddies, and both are good, smart men who are protective of the women in their lives. Takashi is really supportive of Takehiko (who has a lot of drama in his life) and often drives him around and pays for things (because hes rich).

Bridal Mask — Lee Kang To and Shimura Shunji

In the 2012 Korean drama “Bridal Mask, we witness the most tragic bromance between Lee Kang To (played by Joo Won) and Shimura Shunji (played by Park Ki Woong). Kang To and Shunji were unlikely friends who were nevertheless able to forge a strong bond. Family and political issues caused them to turn from best friends into mortal enemies.

You’re Beautiful — Kwang Tae Kyung, Kang Shin Woo and Jeremy

It’s hard not to enjoy the awesome, silly bromance between the bandmates of A.N.Jell in the very entertaining 2009 Korean drama “You’re Beautiful.  When you put together the moody band leader Hwang Tae Kyung (played by Jang Geun Suk), the soft-spoken romantic Kang Shin Woo (played by Kang Shin Woo), and the adorably silly Jeremy (played by Lee Hong Ki), there was bound to be some priceless moments  such as their ramen dance and their reenactment of a scene from a fanfiction!

Heirs — Choi Young Do and Jo Myung Soo 

The popular 2013 Korean drama “Heirs” was full of bromances. The lead bromance was between best friends-turned-rivals Kim Tan (played by Lee Min Ho) and Choi Young Do (played by Kim Woo Bin), who spend the majority of the drama fighting over the same girl. But the far more entertaining bromance is between Young Do and the comical Jo Myung Soo (played by Park Hyung Sik). Although Myung Soo is a bit clueless, he’s very cute, loyal, and the only real friend that Young Do really has.

Recalling all these bromances will put a smile on anyones face! What bromances do you think we should feature in Part II of our list?

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