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Fashion, Dating and Friendship in New Chinese Dramas

Calling all the single ladies out there! Sex in the Cityand Group of Womenare new Chinese dramas on Viki that focus on strong female friendships, relationships and family challenges. The women in these dramas face the all-too-familiar realities of life while still trying to find time to have fun, find love and make money. Youll be drawn to the different personalities of the female leads in these addicting dramas!

The Love Seekers

Julie (left) and Xiao Chun (right)
Julie from Group of Women is focused on landing a rich husband. While some may call her a gold digger, we like her feisty personality.

Xiao Chun from Sex in the Citylongs to find a boyfriend through blind dates, but she is an intense germaphobe who scares off potential guys.

The Powerful Alphas

Kasey (left) and Soso (right)

Kasey from Group of Womenis an elite executive at her company. Although a little temperamental at times, her stability and years of work experience make her the most rational out of the lot.

Soso from Sex in the Cityis the kind of woman who seems to get everything without trying. She radiates sex appeal and can get any man she wants wrapped around her elegant, manicured fingers.

The Quiet Ones

Bi Ran (left) and Ka Si (right) 
Sometimes its the shy, quiet ones you have to watch out for! Bi Ran from Group of Womenis a high school English teacher whose glasses and bangs hide her tough attitude.

Ka Si from Sex in the Citykeeps up a poker face towards any strangers she meets, but beneath that façade is an unexpectedly wild woman who desperately wants to find love.

The Loyals

Qing Xia (left) and Sha Jing (right)
Qing Xia from Group of Womenis the boss of a bar, who still longs for the guy she dated seven years ago.

Sha Jing from Sex in the Cityis a designer handbag addict who wants to start a business so her grandmother can move in with her. No dedication is as endearing like dedication to family!

Which character can you relate to the most?

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