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10 Signs You’re a Drama Addict

We dont judge, but here are 10 helpful signs that maybe youre watching just a little too much Viki, and your life has been consumed by the wonderful world of asian dramas.

1. Weekends Are for Drama Marathons

Just like Mary in Marry Me, Mary! we stayed up all night watching almost an entire season of a drama. Guilty, and not even sorry.

2. You Consider Back Hugs to Be Second Base

Like this one from To The Beautiful You, hugging someone you like from the back is really getting intimate! Omo, so scandalous.

3. You Think All Men Should Look Like This

All men should be semi-dressed and ever-so-cool like Rain in Fugitive Plan B. I mean, really?! Hes so hot, he set that car on fire.

4. Youre Learning Korean or Another Language

Oppa, annyoung, wae these are some of the first words any K-Drama fan learns. Add the cute wave like Jeremy in You’re Beautiful and youll be fluent in the language of your favorite drama in no time!

Saranghae to all our fans who make learning languages on Viki possible!

5. You Think Kissing With Your Eyes Open Is Totally Normal

The eyes stay open in this scene with Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young in City Hunter and basically every other kissing scene in an Asian drama ever. See our list of best kisses in dramas.

6. Youre Often Sleep Deprived

Just like Lee Min Ho in Heirs, youre sad and tired except you dont have a pretty cry.

7. You Think Piggy Back Rides Are an Efficient Form of Transportation

Just like Kim Sun Ah in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, you think that getting carried around is way faster — and better — than walking on your own.

8. You Suffer Physical and Emotional Pain While Watching Dramas

So many feels. No Im fine, I just need a moment.

When a character dies youve been known to not leave your house for days. OMG, do we have to bring up King 2 Hearts Episode 19?

9. You Think All Showers Should Be Filled With Angst

In “My Princess,” Song Seung Heon showed off his six-pack in a pensive shower scene during the second episode of the show. Yet another reason to watch. 

10. You Cant Contain Your Excitement for a New Episode and Watch Without Subtitles

As soon as a new episode is uploaded, you want to watch immediately even though the subtitles are not yet completed. But really, our community of fans is awesome weve got this, just try to wait a few hours and the subtitles will be there.

Are you watching too many dramas? How many of these signs do you have? Maybe you have signs that we havent even mentioned. Let us know!

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