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9 New Year's Resolutions for K-Drama Fans

If youre a K-drama fan, you might just be able to relate to my New Years resolutions. Here are my resolutions for the upcoming year.

1. Watch More Dramas

I started this resolution early. With all the great on-air dramas out lately, Ive resolved to keep up-to-date with Let’s Eat, The Prime Minister Is Dating, Miss Korea,” and My Love From the Star. Wish me luck!

2. Learn a New Language

Since youre watching dramas anyway, why not try subtitling to help build your Korean or other language skills? Watch and learn.

3. Eat Better

With easy-to-follow recipes from our Let’s Cook With Viki blog series, such as home-made jja jang myun, bubble milk tea, and more, we all can eat better (or more deliciously) in 2014.

Dont be afraid to enjoy your food, just like Lee Min Ho does in the following episode of City Hunter.

Check out our recipe for jja jang myun, or black bean noodles, here!

4. Travel More

For your travel inspiration, enjoy shots of exotic locales all over Southeast Asia and the world in Barefoot Friends and Here We Go, World Challenge. I say we all meet up in Korea next year! Whos with me?!

I cant wait to visit Jeju Island, where countless K-drama scenes have been filmed.

Ha Ni and Seung Jo play around on their honeymoon in Playful Kiss.
Yi Jung and Ga Eul meet for a chat in Boys Over Flowers.

5. Be Thankful for Loved Ones

Let the holiday spirit of giving continue into 2014. Show your gratitude for family, friends, and the volunteers who subtitle your favorite shows on Viki. (Just leaving a nice comment on the video page makes their day!)

6. Get in Shape

Need some motivation to hit the gym? Ive found that watching K-dramas on my phone or tablet while working out on the treadmill does wonders! Think chocolate abs and shower scenes!

Excuse me while I replay this scene of Kim Soo Hyun in My Love From the Star as inspiration to go to the gym.

7. Explore Other Genres

I tend to watch a lot of romantic comedies, so Ive resolved to watch more fantasy and action dramas next year, and dramas from outside of Korea. If you have the same idea, weve got your back — with Taiwanese dramas (e.g., Just You), Japanese dramas (e.g., Innocent Lilies), and telenovelas (e.g., Eva Luna).

Just look at Aaron Yan in Just You — how cute is he?

8. Try a New Look

Trying on a new hairstyle or outfit is always fun, especially when you need that extra spring in your step to tackle your New Years resolutions. Makeovers are a key plot point in many dramas, such as Boys Over Flowers, Coffee Prince, and Princess’ Stand In.

9. Watch the Live Stream of the Taipei 101 New Year's Eve Countdown

I'm going to ring in the new year with one of the biggest countdown events in the world! I'm talking about the Taipei 101 New Year's Eve Countdown, a LIVE concert featuring top Taiwanese pop stars such as Rainie Yang, Wilber Pan, David Yao, S.H.E, and Puff Guo from Dream Girls and the drama "Just You."

You can watch the live stream on our Taipei Countdown YouTube Channel on December 31st. If you miss the live event, you can watch the show after the fact on our Viki Channel. Check out our blog post for more details!

So what did you think? Can you relate to my New Year's resolutions? Tell us what you would add to this list!

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