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Celebrate These November K-Pop Birthdays!

Can you believe that its already November? Where did the time go?

What better way is there to usher in the new month than to celebrate the birthdays of our favorite idols? Heres a list of some of our favorite music idols birthdays:

November 2 - Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls)

Miryo is the rapper for the popular girl group Brown Eyed Girls and currently holds the record as the female artist with the most copyrighted songs to date!

November 4 - T.O.P (BIGBANG)

T.O.P is a rapper for the very successful Korean hip-hop group BIGBANG. Check him out in some of our favorite dramas, including I Am Sam and IRIS! Or check out his solo career with his best known song, TURN IT UP!

November 5 - BoA

BoA is a popular singer who recently starred in the drama Hope for Dating. Check out Episode 1 now!

November 6 - Kris (EXO-M)

Kris is the leader and rapper of EXO-M, with popular breakdowns in the songs MAMAand Wolf.” Check out his special shout-out to Viki fans!

November 16 - Hyung Sik (ZE:A)

With ZE:As recent hits, such as The Ghost of Wind, and his recent activity in the much-anticipated new drama Heirs: He Who Wears the Crown Must Bear Its Weight,” Hyung Sik is quickly becoming one of the most popular idols around!

November 23 - L.Joe (TEEN TOP)

TEEN TOP has been rocking the charts lately with catchy new songs like Rocking, and the Mischievous Rapper is no doubt one of the reasons why!

November 27 - Chan Yeol (EXO-K)

EXO-Ks lead rapper, Chan Yeol, is known for his interest in playing many different instruments and his super positive attitude! Check him out in all of our favorite EXO videos!

Know of an idol with a November birthday that we missed? Let us know and tell us how youd celebrate a birthday with them!

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