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Infinite’s First World Tour: One Great Step

This year, Korean boy band Infinite went on its very first world tour, visiting all of its fans from Seoul  to Jakarta, Indonesia; San Jose, California; and even London! Fans from all over the world prepared themselves for this very special concert, learning all the words to their favorite songs and even preparing presents for the band’s members!

Of course, being fans of Infinite, we had to go and prepare ourselves for the concert as well!

First, we learned all the words to the band’s newest song, “Destiny.”

Then, we painted our nails in celebration of Infinite’s official color (“metal pearl gold”) and the first world tour! The gold is for Infinite, and the blue-grey represents the color scheme of the newest album, “Destiny.”

After that, we got ready to attend the concert with our friends!

Vikis Brittany and Stephanie with friends!
At the concert, we were not disappointed! Infinite sang some fan favorites, including “Destiny,” “Love U Like U,” “Man in Love”and “Before the Dawn”!

It was incredible to see the boys live, and their passion and joy of meeting with their fans truly showed in their performance! There was plenty of “aegyo” (making cute faces) and fan interaction — Woohyun even gave a rose to one very lucky fan!

L sings to his adoring fans!

Sungyeol and Dongwoo perform during the finale!

The boys serenade us with Going to You

L takes solo stage

Infinite performs Nothings Over

Sunggyu walks through a sea of fans

Sungyeol touches a fans hand

Woohyun gives a thumbs up to the fans

Infinite waves goodbye to everyone

Overall, the concert was amazing, and we absolutely cannot wait for the boys to go on another world tour and visit us! Infinite, fighting!

Special thanks to our friends at 24-7 KPOP for all the wonderful photos of the concert!

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