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5 Reasons to Watch New K-Drama ‘Basketball’

Did you catch the premiere of the hot new K-drama, Basketball this week on Viki? The show airs every Monday and Tuesday, so add the channel to your Favorites and cheer on the Slam Dunk Team of volunteer translators!

Here are five reasons we think you should check out the new series:

Basketball As a Full-Contact Sport

Old-school basketball was a free-for-all brawl-fest, as you can see from the hard-hitting trailer below. The former director of Slave Hunters/Chuno is sure to bring us the best in action scenes!

Lots of Hunky Eye Candy

We can already tell that this show will be full of athletic eye candy. In the first episode, you can spot cameo appearances by hunky stars Lee Jung Jin and Oh Ji Ho. And we cant resist the expressive eyes and ear-to-ear smile of lead actor Do Ji Han. Finally, our heros suave rival is played by former fashion model, Jung Dong Hyun.

Increase Your Korean History IQ

Basketball is based on the true story of Koreas first national basketball team, which made it to the 1948 Olympics in London. That means you can enjoy the drama while getting your Korean history education, too!

A timed comment on the first episode: yay get to watch a drama + be productive by learning history LOL
Girl Power

Wonder Girls member Ye Eun (Yenny) plays a smart and kind-hearted best friend named Bong Soon. We hope to hear her sing, too!

Wonder Girls' Ye Eun plays Bong Soon

Historic Drama at Its Best

If youre still depressed because Bridal Mask” is no longer on TV, then Basketball can rekindle your Japanese occupation-era angst. Watch Kang San grow up, find love, and inspire a nation while following his passion for basketball.

Like Bridal Mask, Basketball takes place during Japanese imperialism.
Watch the premiere here on Viki and let us know what you think!

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