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Let’s Cook With Viki Special Edition: K-Pop Korean Restaurant in San Francisco!

Were always cooking, eating and spending time in the kitchen coming up with delicious new recipes for you to enjoy. Of course, these recipes are perfectly paired with your favorite dramas!

But this week, weve decided to hit up a spot that a few fans have mentioned to us — K-Pop Korean Restaurant in San Francisco, California! Known for creating fun, fresh and flavorful Korean cuisine, K-Pop Korean Restaurant was a worthwhile dining experience! After all, who wouldnt want to eat delicious Korean food while watching their favorite K-pop idols dance on screen?

Before we head off to K-Pop Korean Restaurant, lets watch a few of our favorite K-pop music videos to put us in the right frame of mind for Korean food!

Dancing yet? Good, now lets head out to eat some delicious Korean food!

Located on 499 Castro Street in San Francisco, California, K-Pop Korean Restaurant served up some delicious food for us, including ...

Soon Dobu  Jigae  a soft tofu stew served with rice and yummy mushrooms. We loved how the spiciness was just right!

Ojinguh Bokkum and Mandu  stir fried spicy squid and rice, served with Korean dumplings. The mandu (dumplings) were served with a very yummy dipping sauce that really brought out the flavor of the mandu!

Dubu Kimchi  a kimchi and pork stir fry served with delicious tofu on the side. The presentation of the dish was as beautiful as the dish tasted — a perfect mix of kimchi and pork!

Dol Sat Bi Bim Bap With Beef  rice served with assorted vegetables and beef served in a very hot stone bowl. The bi bim bap had a very generous amount of beef and a wide assortment of vegetables to enjoy with the toasty rice!

And of course, while we were there, our favorite K-Pop music videos were playing on large television screens in the restaurant the whole time!

The owner, Nam Kim, served us a brand of Korean rice beer, known as Saeng Makgeolli  a very fresh-tasting beer made with uncooked, unsterilized rice. This means that the beer has a short shelf life of only about 10 days, but it also means that its very fresh when drinking!

Kim also talked to us about how makgeolli is a very popular drink among college-aged students in Korea, where they often drink it in large bowls, rather than in a glass.

After we finished our meal, we met with Chef Kevin, who has 17 years of cooking experience! Born in South Korea, he grew up in the family restaurant business, eventually moving to San Francisco, California, and working at K-Pop restaurant!

While we spoke with Chef Kevin, we had the honor of watching his incredible cooking skills as he quickly whipped up a deep-fried shrimp dish served with a delicious honey-based sauce.

Looking for something to do this Friday night? Visiting San Francisco soon and looking for something fun and exciting to do? Then why not stop by K-Pop Korean Restaurant, say hello and eat some ultra-yummy Korean food!

K-Pop Korean Restaurant is located at:

499 Castro Street,San Francisco, California94114
(415) 252-9500FacebookMenu

Thanks so much, KPOP, for hosting us, and a very big thank you to Nam Kim and Chef Kevin for serving us a delicious meal!

Got another restaurant or recipe that youd like us to make on Lets Cook with Viki? Tell us below in the comments!

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