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Top 5 Evil Mothers-in-Law in Dramas

Evil knows no boundaries, especially when it comes to a mother-in-law (in dramas, at least)!

These women want to be the Queen Bee, and they wont let anyone stand in the way of getting everything they want, including the undivided love and attention of their beloved sons.

Heres our list of the top five evil mothers-in-law from our favorite dramas:

1. Bang Young Ja  A Hundred Years Inheritance 

In our recent blog post about The Most Terrifying Drama Villains, we already talked about the most evil mother-in-law to grace television dramas in recent history — Bang Young Ja (played by Park Won Suk) of the Korean drama A Hundred Years Inheritance. Although she was already included in our previous list, she still takes the No. 1 spot on this list. This woman could make any woman think twice about getting married for fear of inheriting a mother-in-law like her.

2. Marcela Arismendi  Eva Luna

Marcela Arismendi (played by Susana Dosamantes) is the type of evil incarnate that you hope never to cross paths with. The character from the Venezuelan telenovela slowly poisons her own husband so that she can claim their fortune for herself, tries to kill off her daughters boyfriends’ parents so that he will marry her daughter unfettered, and tries to get rid of the woman who threatens her daughter’s beauty. Watch the trailer below to get a taste of this intense telenovela!

3. Fang De Rong — Autumns Concerto

Fang De Rong (played by Linda Liu) is very persistent in making sure her son marries the woman she chooses in this popular Taiwanese drama. She drives her sons true love away and does her best to keep them apart and make sure that her memory is erased forever.

4. Lee Jung Sook — Goddess of Marriage

Lee Jung Sook (played by Yoon So Jung) is the quintessential snooty ultra-wealthy socialite who is condescendingly hostile to her two lowly daughters-in-law and wants to put them in their place. The two-faced woman smiles to the outside world like everything is just perfect and then whines and nags at her two daughters-in-law as if she alone carries the burden of educating them to become proper Cheongdam-dong (high-society area of Seoul) wives. Did we mention that the daughters-in-law have to begin breakfast preparations at 5 a.m. every day, despite working full-time jobs? Oh my!

Heres the funny trailer for Goddess of Marriage, introducing the four main couples:

5. Moon Boon Hong — Secret Garden

Moon Boon Hong (played by Park Jun Keum) is the main protagonist Joo Wons mother in this Korean drama. She is the epitome of wealthy excess, always dressed in fur and bejeweled accessories. But it is her harsh condescension towards our hero, stuntwoman Gi Ra Im, that makes us cringe. Constantly insulting Ra Im for growing up raised poor, Mrs. Moon throws water in Ra Ims face and kicks her own son out of the house, just for being in love. With parents like that, who needs enemies?

If these women dont make you shake in your shoes, we dont know what will! Is there another mother-in-law you think should have made this list? Let us know!

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