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Actors Doing Double Duty — Appearing in 2 Concurrent Dramas

The life of an actor or actress can be very demanding and involve some grueling filming schedules. But imagine having to work on the schedule of two dramas at the same time!

There are many talented actors who are working "double duty," enough to make some of us exclaim in timed comments, "Hey, wasn't he the evil grandpa in Shark?" Usually, the actors take on a strong supporting role in one drama, and a cameo role in others. Here are just a few examples of some Korean actors and actresses doing double duty in recent dramas.

Jang Hyun Sung

This prolific actor plays the arrogant, philandering husband Michael Noh in the currently airing drama “Goddess of Marriage.” Playing an anchor for an English-language news program, the character is having an affair with his co-anchor, Cynthia, and leaves his wife for her.

Jang also made a cameo in the first two episodes of the currently airing sci-fi drama “Who Are You.” In this drama, Jang plays Park Hyung Jin, a despicable and dangerous psychiatrist who likes to defile virgin girls.

Jang Hyun Sung plays a cheating husband in Goddess of Marriage and a dangerous pedophile in Who Are You

Kim Chang Wan

The well-respected rock musician and veteran actor has been a pleasant, fatherly supporting figure in many recent popular dramas. But he takes on characters in two currently airing dramas that seem to harbor a dark side. Kim plays Choi Moon Sik, the head of the serious crimes division of the Seoul Police Department in the drama Who Are You.” While on the surface a pleasant man who tries to chummy up to Detective Cha Geon Woo (played by TaecYeon of 2PM), Kims character starts to hide crucial evidence and play other dangerous games.

Kim Chang Wan joking around on the set of Who Are You
Kim also plays the chairman of the prestigious teaching hospital in Good Doctor,” and his character promises to play a small-but-pivotal role as he tries to push his own agenda in hospital politics. See his first appearance in Episode 4, below:

Kim Hee Jung

The Korean actress played Gong Kang Sook, one of the daughters-in-law, in the recently ended family drama “A Hundred Years’ Inheritance.”

See Kim Hee Jung play a money-hungry and aggressive wife in A Hundred Years' Inheritance.
At the same time, she appeared as Lady Yoon, Kang Chi’s adoptive mom in the popular sci-fi historical drama “Gu Family Book.” Coincidentally, both the dramas she appeared in had the words “hundred years” in them. In “Gu Family Book,” Kim’s character died trying to protect her husband’s “Hundred Years Inn.” See Kim Hee Jung appear in Gu Family Book, Episode 7 below:

Let us know if there are any other actors or actresses who have done double duty in recent dramas!

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