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Celebrate World Kpop Day with Viki!

While were busy getting ready for KCON 2013, weve also been listening to Kpop in order to prepare ourselves for the second annual Worldwide KPOP Day, a fan-driven Kpop recognition day that is set for August 13th! From classics like BIGBANG and 2NE1 to newbies like EXO, TEEN TOP and NUEST, Vikis got you covered to help you celebrate this special day that highlights the growing popularity of Kpop music around the globe!

Need some helpful pointers on what should definitely be on your playlist for your very own celebration of Worldwide KPOP Day? Then take a look at our list, guaranteed to make any fanmeet, party or flashmob more exciting!


We found some perfect intro songs to start off your Kpop meetup, as well as some shoutouts to some old Kpop favorites!

BIGBANG  Fantastic Baby

We say boom and you say shakalaka. If this doesnt get your Kpop senses going, we dont know what else will!

2NE1  I Am the Best

2NE1 is easily one of the most iconic Kpop groups, and I Am the Best is the perfect song to pump up your meetup!

2AM  You Wouldnt Answer My Calls

2AM is a quartet boy group specializing in ballads, and this song is perfect when youre trying to call that one friend whos late to the Kpop meetup!


Brown Eyed Girls  Abracadabra

The B.E.G. members show that they dont always need a man to be strong independent women! Also, check out their exclusive shoutout to Viki fans!

Ailee  I Will Show You

Ailees back and ready to show the world that shes a force to be reckoned with!

IU  Last Fantasy

Watch IU explore the streets of Korea in this dreamy video!


BtoB  Insane

Watch BtoB sing and dance in this video about a girl whos driving them all crazy!

Block B — Nilili Mambo

Watch Block B try to pull off a bank heist as they tear up the streets of Vietnam in this heart-pounding video! (Bonus points if you can catch the chicken!)

Nu’est  FACE

With a comeback just around the corner, Nuest takes down some school bullies in this exciting music video to its popular song!


Super Junior — Sexy, Free and Single

Its always a little awkward when youre the one single person at that party, but the boys of Super Junior have got you covered in this sexy video!

EXO — Wolf

Cant wait to get out tonight and prowl the streets? Why not crank up EXOWolf? Did we also mention that theres two versions  one in Chinese and one in Korean?

100%  Want U Back

Watch newcomers 100% in its newest video, Want U Back,” which is filled with the perfect club beats to keep the night going!

Jay Park  I Like to Party

If this doesnt say party we dont know what else will. Also with neon everywhere, need we say more?

LC9  MaMa Beat (Dance Ver)

Check out some sweet dance moves in newcomer LC9MaMa Beat! Check out the members video shoutout to Viki fans, too!

BONUS: Psy  Gangnam Style

This year’s observance of Worldwide KPOP Day will focus on Psy’s global hit song, Gangnam Style.” So be sure to give this song lots of play at your Kpop celebration!

Ready for Worldwide Kpop Day now? Let us know what Kpop songs are your favorite and what youre going to do to celebrate!

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