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Dramas Love Cinderella Stories

The most anticipated birth of the year occurred last week, when Kate Middleton, aka “Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, gave birth to their first baby!

With the much talked-about news, we are reminded of Middletons rise from an ordinary English schoolgirl to becoming the mother of the future King of England. The real-life Cinderella story has touched the hearts of girls around the globe who dream of going from an ordinary existence to marrying their very own Prince Charming someday. 

This classic story line, of an average woman falling in love with a wealthy and powerful man, has been very popular in Asian dramas, but the audience is always eager for more.

Did you know that Viki has many popular versions of these Cinderella love stories from all over the world? 

See for yourself and you’re guaranteed to get hooked on them!

Love Contract (Venezuela)

When a wealthy playboy has to get married before his 30th birthday in order to secure his inheritance, he places an ad in the newspaper, and a young woman who needs the money answers the ad.

Love Contract

Fated to Love You (Taiwan)

When a working-class girl plots to trap her handsome boyfriend into marriage, she accidentally has a one-night stand with a wealthy stranger, changing the course of her life forever.

Fated to Love You

Boys Over Flowers (Korea)

The daughter of a dry cleaner is admitted to an elite high school on a scholarship and confronts the attention of a group of wealthy, popular boys known as the F4.

Boys Over Flowers

Cheongdam-dong Alice (Korea)

An aspiring designer is determined to marry into the upper-crust society of the Cheongdam-dong area of Seoul’s elite Gangnam district.

Cheongdam-dong Alice
Stand for Love (Philippines)

When the daughter of a laundrywoman marries the son of an affluent family, their love has to withstand the pressures of the politically ambitious mother-in-law, who never thought her poor daughter-in-law was good enough for her son.

Stand For Love

Also check out the currently-airing Korean drama, Goddess of Marriage, where two of the main female characters who are from modest backgrounds must face the consequences of marrying into an uber-wealthy family. 

You can find more dramas and films in the Recommended for You” section of the Viki Homepage. Don’t wait! Your Cinderella story awaits you!

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