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Our Favorite Drama Food Scenes

Who else is hungry? Weve all experienced the sudden hunger pangs after seeing a bowl of noodles or mounds of sizzling beef in a drama. In Asian dramas, food can set the stage for cute moments or disastrous scenes. Here are some of our favorite drama food moments that had us searching for sustenance of our own.

Jokbal, or boiled pigs feet, was Ji Ans must-have pregnancy craving in I Do, I Do (2012). In  Episode 6, she craves it so badly, she calls Tae Kang to go pick some up and bring it to her. As she eats it, he sits across from her on the couch being tortured as he nervously awaits her news.

Ji Ans jokbal craving in I Do, I Do

Baby-Faced Beauty

So Young also had a love of this meat in Baby-Faced Beauty (2011). When Jang Na Ra declares her love of jokbal, telling Daniel Choi that her dream as a child was to marry a jokbal restaurant owner, his reaction is the cutest thing ever. Watch Episode 5 from 15:45 to see the first time they eat at a jokbal restaurant together.

A delicious meal in Baby-Faced Beauty

In Episode 5 of Arang and the Magistrate (2012),  Arang faces her fear ... of peaches! Starting at 25:20, Eun Oh offers her one, but Arang jumps back in fear. But as she begins to eat the peach, Arang realizes that the fruit is sweet and delicious. Her reaction is priceless (as are the timed comments!).

Eun Oh forces Arang to try a peach in Arang and the Magistrate 

Queen In Hyun’s Man 

Queen In Hyuns Man” (2012) holds its own with adorable food scenes. Episode 15 (11:20) includes Hee Jin and Boong Do sharing a plate of pasta in the cutest way possible. Hee Jin and Boong Do sit there with feet interlocked, sharing a plate, re-creating Walt Disneys famous Lady and the Tramp noodle kiss. Boong Do says, “I should eat this every day.”

The spaghetti kiss in ‘Queen In Hyuns Man

Boys Over Flowers

In one of the best moments of Boys Over Flowers (2009), Joon Pyo (Lee Min Ho) watches in fascinated curiosity while Jan Di’s family prepares a massive batch of kimchi. He stays on the sidelines at first, but seeing how much fun they’re having together, Joon Pyo soon joins in. Watch Episode 9 from 4:50 to witness a perfect combination of family bonding, romance between Joon Pyo and Jan Di, and mounds of freshly made kimchi.

Lee Min Ho eats kimchi in Boys Over Flowers 
In another scene, Joon Pyo eats uncooked ramen, because he cannot turn on the stove! In Episode 19,  when Joon Pyo cant get his rickety stove to work, he resorts to eating his ramen dry. But even dry noodles look delicious in the hands of Lee Min Ho!

Lee Min Hos character, Goo Joon Pyo, eats uncooked ramen in Boys Over Flowers
Smiling Pasta

This Taiwanese drama, which originally aired in 2006, is not without its fair share of food scenes to make your mouth water. Episode 1 introduces us to some delicious scenes right off the bat, with a close-up of the pasta-making process starting at 12:50. In this opening episode, He Qun, a famous singer, and Xiao Shi, an ordinary girl, both get their hearts broken. They run into each other on the street with an accidental kiss, and the drama unfolds from that disastrous point, intertwined with delicious pasta scenes that will make you hungry for more.

Cooking in Smiling Pasta

The Tragedy of W

This drama series from 2012 includes one of the most awkward formal family dinner scenes ever, starting at 7:15 of Episode 2. This is just after Satsuki, a cleaning lady at a nightclub who also dabbles in prostitution, assumes Mako’s life as the heiress of a business conglomerate and begins to devise a plan to take over the family fortune. This is because the two women look exactly alike, so they decide to switch lives. However, this switch only makes this dinner scene that much more uncomfortable, as various differences between their two lives begin to show through.

 Satsuki has an awkward family dinner in Tragedy of W

Comment and let us know if you have any favorite food scenes from your favorite dramas! Happy eating!

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