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Going Beyond Psy: Essential K-Pop Tracks

Are you one of the millions of people who have never heard of Korean Pop before the release of PsyGangnam Style? Are you still trying to get the viral music video out of your head almost a year later? We at Viki can help you move beyond Psy with an introduction to some other great K-pop songs.

Most K-pop falls into five main categories. Try them out below and tell us your favorites in the comments!

Dance Tracks: K-pop stars love to dance. If you remember the horse dance from Gangnam Style, see if you can spot the signature dance moves in these hot videos.

Super Junior — “Sexy Free and Single”

Teen Top — “Crazy”

Catchy Girl Pop: Did I mention that K-pop stars love to dance? These ladies will get you moving with their cute lyrics and dance steps.

T-ara — “Roly Poly”

IU — “Good Day”

Heartbreaking Love Ballads: No one can pour her heart and soul into a sad love song like K-pop ballad queen, Baek Ji Young. Warning: have your tissues ready for these tear-jerker serenades.

Baek Ji Young — “Like Being Hit By a Bullet”

Naul — “Memory of the Wind”

Beastly Idol Hits: K-pop isnt all flowers and rainbows! Put on these songs when you want to get pumped up.

B.A.P — “Warrior”

Brown Eyed Girls — “Abracadabra”

Easy-Listening Indie: These smooth, melodic songs go perfectly with a warm cup of tea on a cloudy day.

Leessang — “Turn Off the TV”

Lunafly — “How Nice Would It Be”

We hope you enjoyed our introduction to K-pop! Head over to the Viki K-pop section to browse our entire library of fantastic, addicting music videos!

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