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Welcome to Viki U: Learn How to Subtitle!

Ever wondered who creates the subtitles you see on Viki? Our amazing community of volunteers are people just like you: passionate fans of global TV. Together, we’re breaking down the language barriers between great entertainment and fans everywhere!

Subtitling is easy, fun, addictive and comes with cool benefits (see “QC status” below). If you’ve wanted to try but never knew where to start, welcome to
Viki U -- a series of tutorials, tips, tools and more, all designed to get you started quickly. Favorite the Viki U Channel to get notified when new videos are added!

How to Subtitle

There are literally thousands of videos to subtitle or edit. However, on popular on-air channels with many volunteers, it’s courtesy to let the channel manager or moderators know that you’d like to contribute.

To get started, navigate to a video that you’d like to subtitle. Then click on the “Subtitle Editor” button that appears at the top right of the video. Watch this quick tutorial on subtitling:

How to Segment

Good segments are key to good subtitles. A segment is a specific part of the video into which a subtitle or a line of text is written. Segmenting is an excellent way to volunteer, even if you don’t speak another language!

New to segmenting? Test your skills on a short clip (e.g.,
music video or news) or a Channel with fewer volunteers (e.g., Classics). Only “designated segmenters” can add segments to on-air dramas; to become a designated segmenter, please contact the Channel Manager or Moderator.

To get started, click on the “Subtitle Editor” button at the top right of all video pages. Watch this tutorial on how to segment (the community organized mentoring programs
Segmenting 101 and Learning by doing include more tips):

Become a Qualified Contributor (QC): Contribute to and Watch Videos Not Available in Your Region

Giving Qualified Contributor (QC) status to volunteers is our way of recognizing the most passionate, active and supportive members of the community, or those who consistently contribute, and have written at least 3,000 high-quality sentences or cut 2,000 segments.

Being a QC on Viki means:
  • Global video viewing: Most videos on Viki are not available globally due to license restrictions; however, QCs are able to contribute to and watch most videos, regardless of regional availability. Because our QCs are the best in the world, this also helps ensure quality subtitles in multiple languages. 
  • Tickets to concerts and events: We often get tickets to special events, premiers and concerts; we give these to QCs in the event region whenever possible. 
  • Exclusive gifts, games and prizes: Receive occasional QC-only gifts and prizes and play games only available to QCs. 
  • Official certification for students and professional translators: For those looking for experience on resumes and college entrance applications, we can provide an official certificate of your contributions on Viki. 
  • Early access to information about shows, product updates and more: Receive a regular email newsletter that includes information about upcoming titles, product releases and much more. You learn about it before anyone else does. 
  • More perks coming soon!

    To apply for QC status, send us a message through the
    Viki Help Center, telling us why you'd make a great QC. A Viki staff member will review your application and get back to you quickly!

Need help? Let us know!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us through the Viki Help Center. Make sure to also follow us on Facebook and

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