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Viki is a global video site with TV shows, movies and other premium content from around the world, subtitled into more than 150 languages by a volunteer community of fans just like you.

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    More posts about Viki U >> Click Here

    What would you give to hear the handsome boys of K-Pop group Lunafly say your name, or serenade you with a romantic ballad, in perfect harmony? One lucky community member is about to get a big surprise. Congratulations, Andreav!

    Just before their Korea showcase this month, Sam, Yun, and Teo took some time to send a message to their global fans on Viki. Andreav, a Qualified Contributor who has written nearly 400 subtitles for the Lunafly channel, was selected to receive a special song recorded just for her.

    Become a QC and Get Special Perks!

    You can become a Qualified Contributor (also known as "QC") by subtitling or segmenting on your favorite shows, movies, and music videos. It's easy to get started with Viki U, a set of short tutorial videos that walk you through the subtitle and segment tools. Watch the first tutorial below and join the fun today!

    More footage of Lunafly, including an amazing interview and a wacky game of truth or dare is coming soon! Favorite the Viki TV channel and get notified when the next videos are released.
    Lunafly's Yun is nervous before singing to Viki community member, AndreaV

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  • 06/21/13--14:58: Viki's Songs of Summer
  • It's that time of year again: sunburns, pool parties and ice cream. Today is the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. And it's not summer without the essential songs of summer. These catchy infectious tunes are the perfect kick-off to fun!

    HyunA's "Ice Cream" is the perfect summer treat

    Super Junior "Sexy Free and Single" 

    Carly Rae Jepsen, "Call Me Maybe"

    EXO 'Wolf'

    LMFAO, "Shots"

    HyunA "Ice Cream"

    Black Eyed Peas, "Boom Boom Pow"

    Taylor Swift, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

    PSY "Gentleman"

    What's your favorite summer tune?

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    Guest Blog Post from Coco & Vivi of KDrama Fighting!

    As summer heats up and K-drama fans make plans to visit Korea (we wish!), we thought it would be helpful for us to share some Korean phrases that you will need to know for when you run into those rich chaebols and heiresses during your visit. We all know, from watching K-dramas on Viki, that when you meet your love interest, there is a progression of emotions that you will feel. Here are five essential Korean phrases for each phase of your potential relationship.

    Phase 1: Hey, do you want to die?

    According to K-dramas, most romantic relationships dont start off well. Usually, the male and female have a bad initial run-in with each other that results in mutual hatred. Sometimes this takes the form of violence and/or threats, as in Boys Over Flowers and Protect the Boss. In case this is how your relationship begins with your love interest, we recommend that you learn the Korean phrase for “Hey, do you want to die?

    Phase 2: Stop appearing before my face!

    Oftentimes, the hatred between two characters evolves into a milder feeling of mutual annoyance. This usually occurs after the main couple has had several awkward encounters, such as in Lie to Me. In case this happens to you, we also recommend that you learn the Korean phase for “Stop appearing before my face! Dont worry, though; most likely, you will enter into some sort of agreement to fake a relationship that is mutually beneficial, which will then gradually ramp up your romantic interest in the other person.

    Phase 3: Now do you see me as a man/woman?

    Once you and your new Korean love interest have been tolerating each other for awhile, its time to take the next step by willfully invading the other persons space and asking awkward questions. See A Gentleman’s Dignity as your guide to this move. Even though the obvious answer here is, “Am I blind? What kind of person could NOT see you as a man? it is actually in your best interest to slide away coyly and feign disinterest — for now.

    Phase 4: I dont have the confidence.

    All great Korean romances have absurd obstacles thrown in the way. Without them, it just wouldnt be true love! At this point, the most advanced lovers think, “I know! The best way to deal with this problem is to totally cut off communication and give up on our relationship!  If you have seen anything with Park Shin Hye in it (You’re Beautiful or Flower Boy Next Door, for example), you know exactly what to do. Work those puppy eyes!

    Phase 5: I love you.

    If phase 4 makes you sad, dont fret! Its only a temporary ploy until you get to the final phase: complete and total bliss with the one you love! Just pray that you get a good kiss instead of one of those frozen ones. Youve earned it!

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  • 06/26/13--15:14: Missing "Gu Family Book"?
  • The Korean drama "Gu Family Book" had its exciting finale yesterday (watch it here)! If you're sad it's over and are craving more "Gu Family Book," you can watch these other titles starring Lee Seung Gi, Suzy, and Choi Jin Hyuk!

    Starring Lee Seung Gi

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

    A man accidentally frees a gumiho, a nine-tailed fox from Korean mythology, who then takes the form of a beautiful woman and tries to remain human.

    The King 2 Hearts

    A young modern-day crown prince and a female North Korean special forces agent are thrown together in more ways than one.

    Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Ki in "The King 2 Hearts"

    Shining Inheritance

    A young woman, who suddenly loses the only family she has known, shows kindness to an elderly woman and is made heir to the old woman’s food corporation.

    "Shining Inheritance," starring Lee Seung Gi

    Starring Suzy

    Dream High Season 1

    Six students at an arts high school all strive to develop their talents to make it big in the entertainment industry.

    "Dream High," starring Suzy
    Starring Choi Jin Hyuk

    Panda and Hedgehog

    Sugar and spice come together in this romantic comedy about a bakery owner and a pastry chef she hires to work for her.

    I Need Romance Season 1

    Young career women in Seoul have it all – beauty, powerful careers and great friends. But can these modern women be just as lucky in finding love?

    "I Need Romance," starring Choi Jin Hyuk

    Which of these shows is your favorite?

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    You could win an autographed "Lunafly" CD!

    Lunafly is back again with a special interview for Viki fans. Watch the exclusive Viki TV interview below to find out what languages Sam, Teo, and Yun want to learn, what artists they want to work with, and what questions they have for you, the fans!

    The Lunafly boys were humble, thoughtful, and funny throughout the interview. But they were also excited to have the chance to ask the Viki community some questions. Answer as a comment on this blog post for the chance to win a signed Lunafly CD featuring the track "Clear Day Cloudy Day"!

    Lunafly had a lot of fun during the Viki TV interview

    LUNAFLY'S SPECIAL REQUEST TO FANS: Teach them a phrase in your language!

    Leave a comment on this blog post with your Viki username, and the phrase you want to teach in your language and in English.


    Viki username: cvsparkle 
    Italian: In bocca al lupo! 
    English: Good luck!

    We and Lunafly look forward to seeing all of your international answers -- be creative!

    TIMELINE: The deadline to enter the contest is Friday, July 12, 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time. Winners will be contacted via Private Message on Viki on Monday, July 15th, Pacific Standard Time and must reply within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.

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    Ever since the official launch of music videos from Universal Music Group, we’d thought of paying tribute to artists Viki fans care about. Selection of each month’s featured artist is based on popularity of the music videos for the preceding month. This time, country-pop superstar Taylor Swift emerged as July’s Most Popular International Artist.

    For those of you who don’t know, Taylor Swift is one of the younger singer/songwriters who won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2008 with her second album, Fearless. Her songs are known to reflect her personal experiences as a teenager and a young adult.

    Swift’s strongest musical influences include country artists Shania Twain, Faith Hill and the Dixie Chicks. Not limiting her playlist to the country genre, she’s also listened to Fall Out Boy, Michelle Branch and Britney Spears.

    Referred to as the Best People Person, Swift feels it is her responsibility to positively influence her young fans. Thus, watching Titanic beats partying, as the clip below suggests.

    To date, Swift has won more than 40 awards, including Grammy Awards, American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards. Watch some of her best-known hits as she progresses from country-pop to mainstream pop/rock.

    *Music videos are available in most of Southeast Asia and Korea, and to Qualified Contributors worldwide.

    Did you know that you can earn the Music Badge by subtitling or segmenting music videos? To learn more about subtitling and segmenting, check out "Viki U," a series of tutorials, tips, and more to help you get started quickly.

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    Thank you to all of our users for helping Viki reach 10 million mobile app downloads!

    Haven't downloaded our free mobile apps yet? Click here to start watching your favorite shows, music, movies, and more wherever you go. 

    Click here to download the Viki app for free!
    Check out the infographic below for interesting data about our awesome mobile community. Find out where our users live around the world, which subtitle languages are most popular, and much more!

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    Who else is hungry? Weve all experienced the sudden hunger pangs after seeing a bowl of noodles or mounds of sizzling beef in a drama. In Asian dramas, food can set the stage for cute moments or disastrous scenes. Here are some of our favorite drama food moments that had us searching for sustenance of our own.

    Jokbal, or boiled pigs feet, was Ji Ans must-have pregnancy craving in I Do, I Do (2012). In  Episode 6, she craves it so badly, she calls Tae Kang to go pick some up and bring it to her. As she eats it, he sits across from her on the couch being tortured as he nervously awaits her news.

    Ji Ans jokbal craving in I Do, I Do

    Baby-Faced Beauty

    So Young also had a love of this meat in Baby-Faced Beauty (2011). When Jang Na Ra declares her love of jokbal, telling Daniel Choi that her dream as a child was to marry a jokbal restaurant owner, his reaction is the cutest thing ever. Watch Episode 5 from 15:45 to see the first time they eat at a jokbal restaurant together.

    A delicious meal in Baby-Faced Beauty

    In Episode 5 of Arang and the Magistrate (2012),  Arang faces her fear ... of peaches! Starting at 25:20, Eun Oh offers her one, but Arang jumps back in fear. But as she begins to eat the peach, Arang realizes that the fruit is sweet and delicious. Her reaction is priceless (as are the timed comments!).

    Eun Oh forces Arang to try a peach in Arang and the Magistrate 

    Queen In Hyun’s Man 

    Queen In Hyuns Man” (2012) holds its own with adorable food scenes. Episode 15 (11:20) includes Hee Jin and Boong Do sharing a plate of pasta in the cutest way possible. Hee Jin and Boong Do sit there with feet interlocked, sharing a plate, re-creating Walt Disneys famous Lady and the Tramp noodle kiss. Boong Do says, “I should eat this every day.”

    The spaghetti kiss in ‘Queen In Hyuns Man

    Boys Over Flowers

    In one of the best moments of Boys Over Flowers (2009), Joon Pyo (Lee Min Ho) watches in fascinated curiosity while Jan Di’s family prepares a massive batch of kimchi. He stays on the sidelines at first, but seeing how much fun they’re having together, Joon Pyo soon joins in. Watch Episode 9 from 4:50 to witness a perfect combination of family bonding, romance between Joon Pyo and Jan Di, and mounds of freshly made kimchi.

    Lee Min Ho eats kimchi in Boys Over Flowers 
    In another scene, Joon Pyo eats uncooked ramen, because he cannot turn on the stove! In Episode 19,  when Joon Pyo cant get his rickety stove to work, he resorts to eating his ramen dry. But even dry noodles look delicious in the hands of Lee Min Ho!

    Lee Min Hos character, Goo Joon Pyo, eats uncooked ramen in Boys Over Flowers
    Smiling Pasta

    This Taiwanese drama, which originally aired in 2006, is not without its fair share of food scenes to make your mouth water. Episode 1 introduces us to some delicious scenes right off the bat, with a close-up of the pasta-making process starting at 12:50. In this opening episode, He Qun, a famous singer, and Xiao Shi, an ordinary girl, both get their hearts broken. They run into each other on the street with an accidental kiss, and the drama unfolds from that disastrous point, intertwined with delicious pasta scenes that will make you hungry for more.

    Cooking in Smiling Pasta

    The Tragedy of W

    This drama series from 2012 includes one of the most awkward formal family dinner scenes ever, starting at 7:15 of Episode 2. This is just after Satsuki, a cleaning lady at a nightclub who also dabbles in prostitution, assumes Mako’s life as the heiress of a business conglomerate and begins to devise a plan to take over the family fortune. This is because the two women look exactly alike, so they decide to switch lives. However, this switch only makes this dinner scene that much more uncomfortable, as various differences between their two lives begin to show through.

     Satsuki has an awkward family dinner in Tragedy of W

    Comment and let us know if you have any favorite food scenes from your favorite dramas! Happy eating!

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    Twenty-one months after joining the military service, singer, actor, and Korean Wave superstar Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) has been discharged! Fans around the world have been eagerly awaiting his return, and so have we!

    Rain's last Korean Drama, Fugitive: Plan B, was hilarious and full with action scenes; you can watch the first episode below. We hope Rain will return to act in another drama very soon, but what genre will he choose? A romantic comedy, a melodrama, or maybe a time-traveling historical fusion?

    And here are some of our favorite Rain memories:

    "This shirt is coming OFF!"
    Rain is ready for love!
    He could Ninja Assassinate me any day!
    Welcome back, Rain! We've missed you and can't wait to see you in the entertainment world again.

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  • 07/10/13--07:00: ¡Viki en Español!
  • (Note: You can read the English version of this post below.)

    ¡Viki en Español!

    Para satisfacer la demanda y en apoyo a la creciente comunidad de habla hispana, hemos lanzado, una versión de en “Español Internacional”. El Español es el segundo idioma más popular en Viki, después del Inglés, para encontrar subtítulos, comentarios instantáneos y más.

    Para cambiar la configuración del sitio web a Español, desplázate hasta la parte inferior de cualquier página en (la configuración del idioma de los subtítulos sigue estando en la pantalla de video directamente). Da clic en la bandera y selecciona “Español”. Puedes cambiar la configuración de nuevo al Inglés en cualquier momento.

    Pronto tendremos el sitio disponibles en otros idiomas. ¿Sugerencias? ¡Déjanos un comentario!

    Nuevo Género “Telenovela”

    También hemos agregado el nuevo género Telenovela, el cual incluye programas populares al aire y aclamadas series de televisión de Caracol, Telemundo y Venevisión Internacional. Ahora podrás ver programas como “El Clon”, series al aire como “La Promesa” y la aclamada por la critica, Pablo Escobar, El Patrón del Mal.”

    La disponibilidad de la programación varia según la región geográfica, pero asegúrate de estar revisando esto constantemente. Aprende más sobre que hacer para ver aún más programas y convertirte en un Colaborador Calificado (QC).

    Viki in Spanish!

    To better support our growing community of Spanish speakers, we've launched, an "international Spanish" language version of After English, Spanish is the second most popular language on Viki for subtitles, Timed Comments and more.
    To change your website language preference to Spanish, scroll to the bottom of any page (subtitle language preferences are still in the video player). Click on the flag and choose "Español." You can switch back to English any time.
    More site languages are coming soon. Have a request? Please leave a comment! 

    New "Telenovela" Genre

    We've also added a new Telenovela genre, which will include popular on-air shows and critically acclaimed TV series from Caracol, Telemundo and Venevision International. You'll see shows like “El Clon,” on-air TV series like “La Promesa” and the critically acclaimed “Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord.” Different shows are available in different regions, but be sure to check back often. Learn how you can watch even more shows by becoming a QC.

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    We're thrilled to officially announce the arrival of Venezuelan telenovelas for viewers worldwide! You can find them in our new Telenovelagenre page. More are coming soon, but in the meantime, try watching some of these recent hits:

    (Note to volunteers: send a message to brovo or catchlight or email if you'd like to get involved with any of the below shows as a Channel Manager, Segmenter or Subtitler. Volunteers who finish 300 segments or subtitles will receive the Telenovela badge and a special shoutout on our blog!)

    Eva Luna
    A young woman’s road to happiness is paved by heartache and tragedy created by a manipulative wealthy family. (Hmm, sounds like some K-drama plots we know...)

    Passion of the Heart (Corazón Apasionado)
    A woman bitter from the loss of her first love years ago finally falls for another man, but others will stop at nothing to keep them apart. (Sorry, but this title will not be available in the U.S. and Puerto Rico until July 28th, 2013.)

    In addition to telenovelas, check out the travel series Latin Angels (Latin Angeles) and sketch comedy show Welcome (Bienvenidos) for more Latin sexiness.

    Latin Angels (Latin Angeles)
    Follow top Latina bikini models to exotic island locations all over the globe as they frolic in the sandy beaches for their calendar photo shoots.

    Other Venezuelan titles now available include Wild Cat (Gata Salvaje), Love Contract (Amor Comprado)Rebel Angel (Angel Rebelde), and Always On My Mind (Olvidarte Jamas).

    Click here for more Telenovelas from Venezuela, Colombia, and the Philippines!

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    Have you already started planning your hypothetical wedding to look exactly like the one you saw in your favorite drama? With all the buzz around celebrity summer weddings, we take a look back at some of our favorite wedding dresses worn by the actresses in recent K-dramas, Japanese anime, and Taiwanese dramas.

    Warning: May Contain Spoilers

    Min Chae Won, as played by Eugene in the popular K-drama A Hundred Years’ Inheritance, looked breathtaking in lace. See the dress in this episode

    Min Chae Won in a wedding dress in ‘A Hundred Years’ Inheritance’
    Nikki Hsieh in Princess’ Stand In

    Ugly duckling Jin Da Hua (Nikki Hsieh) transformed into a beautiful bride in this Taiwanese romantic drama. Fans cheered for team Terry and wanted Da Hua to marry him in Princess Stand In, but did she? Watch and see!

    Terry and Da Hua in ‘Princess’ Stand In’

    Kaoru Orihara in Dear Brother

    In this classic Tezuka Japanese anime Dear Brother, Kaoru Orihara (Kaoru-no-kimi) wears a long-sleeved elegant wedding dress.

    Classic and romantic wedding dress in the anime ‘Dear Brother’

    Oh Young (Song Hye Kyo) looked stunning in a fairy tale-like wedding gown in the K-drama That Winter, The Wind Blows, but had to model it in front of Secretary Wang, the woman she hated most! While Oh Young looked every part the beautiful bride, her smile hid great sadness. Watch the episode to find out why.

    Oh Youngs sheer elegance in ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’
    Moon Geun Young in Cheongdam-dong Alice

    Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young) looked cute as a button with full bangs under her wedding veil and tiara as she tried on wedding dresses in Cheongdam-dong Alice.

    Han Se Kyung shops for wedding dresses in ‘Cheongdam-dong Alice’

    Jin Se Yeon in Bridal Mask 

    Mok Dan (Jin Se Yeon) rarely smiled during most of the series, but she managed to look ecstatic and radiant on her wedding day in the historical K-drama Bridal Mask/Gaksital.

    Mok Dan looks stunning in her gown in Bridal Mask
    The Eligible Bachelorettes in The Wedding Scheme

    Whats better than one great wedding dress? Four gorgeous dresses! In The Wedding Scheme,a mother of four single daughters is determined to find appropriate husbands for them. See Kang Hye Jung, Lee Young Eun, Kim Se Jung, Park Min Ji each in their uniquely beautiful wedding dresses.

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    Check out our newest beta feature: Viki One Liners! Currently in beta, One Liners is a fun and addicting new feature that makes it easy for anyone to contribute subtitles when they can, one line at a time. For those of you who haven't tried subtitling before - this is a great way to give it a try!

    What does it do?
    Right now, the feature allows logged-in users to:

    1. Rate - with a thumbs up or a thumbs down - a subtitle that's been already translated from English into your preferred language.
    2. If you give the subtitle a thumbs up, you'll be presented another line.
    3. If you give the subtitle a thumbs down, you can enter an alternate suggestion. You also have the option to rate another line. 
    In the next few weeks, we'll add the ability to enter a translation directly from English into another language. Channel Managers and Moderators will also be given the option to opt out certain languages from One Liners.

    How can I try it?
    • Find Viki One Liners at the bottom right of every page
    • Select your preferred "to" language (for now, English is the only "from" language option)
    • Rate the translation, then keep going!

    Where will this new information show up?
    The ratings and alternate suggestions gathered here willnot be published on the site, at least for a few weeks. This will give us time to test the feature.

    We'd love your thoughts and feedback on Viki One Liners, so please write into the Help Center.

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    Hi, everyone! This is Rebecca. Im on Vikis content team, and one of my specialties is music. Ever heard a song but never quite knew how to classify it? To help you figure out the different genres of music we offer on Viki, we’ve put together a quick introduction. Today, we bring you Pop.

    Derived from rock and roll from the 1950s, pop music is widely defined as mainstream music, especially for youths. It's constantly evolving, so to break it down a little further, here are some of the most common subgenres of pop music that we offer on Viki.

    Note: Some of the below videos are only available to Viki users in Southeast Asia. However, QCs (Qualified Contributors) get to enjoy free access to all of these videos. Find out how you can become a QC!

    Bubblegum Pop: Classified as uptempo, catchy music, bubblegum pop usually has lyrics about romance and caters to teenagers. Expect one-hit wonders in this category, too.

    In addition to Miley Cyrus, other bubblegum pop artists include Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and Orange Caramel

    Dance Pop: The versatile type of pop, dance pop was created to play at dance clubs and yet be a contemporary radio hit. These tunes are common in mashups.

    T-ara and Enrique Iglesiasace the dance pop genre, alongside Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Teen Top and Nine Muses

    Pop Punk: This fusion genre combines mainstream pop tunes with punk rock attitude. Think loud electric guitars and high tempo beats.

    Artists who fit the bill for pop punk include Fall Out Boy, Green Day and Blink-182

    Pop Rock: This subgenre is a softer version of a guitar rock song, albeit a less authentic one.  

    Some well known pop rockers are LEDApple, Elton John, Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers and Maroon 5

    In addition to all the pop subgenres already mentioned above, here are some additional pop favorites from around the world.

    Latin Pop From J.Lo

    K-Pop From Ga In and Hyung Woo

    C-Pop From Evonne Hsu and Wilber Pan

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    Fans of Lee Min Ho have been anticipating his return to acting since his management agency Starhaus Entertainment announced in March that the actor would be starring in Kim Eun Sook’s new drama The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight  The Heirs. Since then, Park Shin Hye (You’re Beautiful) and a slew of other hot young actors have confirmed their participation in the drama. The Heirs is said to be a trendy Gossip Girl-meets-Boys Over Flowers story centered around the lives of wealthy high school students.

    Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk

    Kim Eun Sook was the writer of the hit dramas Lovers in Paris, Secret Garden, and A Gentlemen’s Dignity, just to name a few. Producer Kang Shin Hyo also worked on Midas and Tazza.

    The new cast additions include Kim Woo Bin, best known for in his role in School 2013, Choi Jin Hyuk, who gained popularity through his short appearance in Gu Family Book, and Kang Ha Neul, who is currently starring in Monstar, and who last summer appeared in To the Beautiful You.

    Kim Woo Bin
    Kang Ha Neul and Hyung Shik (ZE:A)

    The latest additions to the cast include actresses Im Joo Eun (Arang and the Magistrate) and Kim Ji Won (High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged).

    Kim Ji Won and Im Joo Eun

    Idol stars Krystal of f(x) and Hyung Shik of ZE:A, who both have prior acting experience, also have roles in the drama. Yesterday, CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk (Heartstrings) also was announced to be a part of the star-studded cast.

    Krystal (f(x))
    Kang Min Hyuk (CNBLUE)

    The drama will air on SBS in the fall. We can’t wait for what sounds like another hit drama by Kim Eun Sook featuring some of the hottest actors in the industry!

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  • 07/19/13--01:00: Demi Lovato: All Grown Up
  • There has been lots of news about Demi Lovato recently. The 20-year-old singer and actress has had to overcome a lot with the release of a new single and the death of her estranged father. Despite not having the most ideal relationship, she says, “He’s still my dad, and I grew with him and he’s a wonderful person.”

    Lovato also recently announced The Lovato Treatment Scholarship via Cast Recovery to help people deal with mental illness and pay for their treatment. 

    “The X Factor judge soldiers on and has released a new single, Born in the USA, following her successful hit Heart Attack,” which debuted at No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 in February. 

    Showing her many grown-up talents, Lovato also co-directed her new music video for the song 'Heart Attack', which will debut soon.

    Watch it below: 

    * Music video is available for most viewers in Southeast Asia and Korea. 

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    Viki is teaming up with KPOP UNITED, an organization dedicated to giving back to the K-Pop community, to send one deserving fan on KPOP UNITED's DREAM TOUR to Seoul, a weeklong pop cultural and language exchange program for K-Pop fans that kicks off today.

    The fan, Katherine (Kat) Muro, was diagnosed with a tumor in her lungs earlier this year. We're happy to report that her cancer is not terminal, but the treatment and surgery that she has endured has left her physically and mentally exhausted. K-Pop is one of her main inspirations and motivations to stay strong.

    During the tour, Kat and other attendees will enjoy K-Pop concerts, visit SM Entertainment and JYP, attend MBC Music Show Champion! and MNET M! Countdown, and tour the Gangnam neighborhood made popular by Psy's "Gangnam Style."

    Kat considers herself one of EXO-K Kai's biggest fans and notes that he is able to brighten her spirits after a long day of treatment and testing, inspiring her to stay strong and push forward (see Kai in EXO-K's music video for 'Wolf' below).

    There's no news yet on whether Kat will have the opportunity to meet EXO, but we're happy to be fulfilling one of her dreams to visit Korea. We're certain it will be a trip she will remember for a lifetime!

    Eat Your Kimchi's Simon and Martina at the last Dream Tour

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    In the heat of the summer, why would you waste your time covering up something so delicious? Here are some actors that we give permission to stop wearing shirts ... permanently.

    Song Seung Heon

    This sexy K-drama star of When a Man Loves and East of Eden should stop wearing shirts altogether. Please?

    Songs brooding and pensive shower scene in My Princessis one of our favorites.

    Lee Byung Hun

    He starred in IRIS, a K-drama about two friends brought into a top-secret organization. But its no secret that Lee Byung Hun has fantastic abs. Well let the pictures do the talking. 

    Lee recently mentioned that he has a nude scene in his upcoming Hollywood sequel Red 2  yet another reason to see this film!

    Jay Park

    It would be difficult not to include the Korean American R&B and hip-hop singer Jay Park in this mix. We would definitely be this guyGirlfriend. They should really put a warning label on his music video for Welcome,” because it is guaranteed to drive you crazy. 

    OK, if he has to wear shirts, at least wear them like this:

    Adam Levine 

    The frontman for the American pop rock band Maroon 5 has become iconic for his tattoos and perfect abs. He should definitely not be covering them up with pesky fabric. 

    In this controversial photo for Cosmopolitan UK, Levine posed with the strategically placed hands of his then-girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna. 

    Lee Min Ho

    The hot star of Boys Over Flowers may have one-too-many shower scenes in his dramas. But thats just fine with us.

    Heres one in Boys Over Flowers, Episode 2 (unfortunately theres more broodiness than abs, but dont worry, they just get better from here):

    Heres one in Personal Taste, Episode 3

    And finally, our favorite, from City Hunter, Episode 2

    Nicholas Teo

    The Malaysian pop singer and actor has got it going on. This star of Smiling Pasta is sure to put a smile on your face and make you hungry for more. On top of the adorable attitude that is obvious in his music videos like Happiness Is Chased, who knew Teo also had abs like this? 

    Victor Noriega

    The sexy Mexican actor stars in Rebel Angel,” a suspenseful telenovela about a couple torn apart by circumstances and family secrets. We could stare at that Latin muscle all day, and we definitely give Noriega permission to stop wearing shirts. 

    Let us know if there are any other stars you want to add to this list!

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    All subtitles on Viki are written by an amazing community of passionate volunteers who deserve our recognition and thanks. Today we're launching a leaderboard to do just that -- to recognize volunteers who have contributed the most subtitles and segments in any given week.

    The leaderboard is located in the right-hand column of the Community page:

    Through the pull-down menus, you'll be able to sort by:
    • All subtitlers
    • All segmenters
    • Subtitlers by language
    The Community Leaderboard will update every Sunday evening PT, and show the top 25 volunteers of the previous week. You can learn more about the leaderboard in this Help Center FAQ.

    Don't forget to leave positive comments on channel and video pages to recognize the volunteer community's contributions!

    If you have any questions about the Community Leaderboard, please contact the Help Center.

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  • 07/24/13--04:00: Viki is going to KCON!
  • Are you ready for the 2nd annual KCON in Los Angeles? This 2-day K-Pop extravaganza on August 24th and 25thpromises to be an amazing event, with a full Mnet M! Countdown concert, dance workshops, panel discussions, and more!

    Viki is excited to be a part of KCON again this year. Come visit our booth to enter our raffle prize giveaway, get your very own Viki merchandise, or just say hello to the Community Team! 

    You can also show your K-Drama pride by attending Viki’s panel discussion, where we’ll take you behind the scenes of your favorite shows -- stay tuned to find out who our special guest panelists will be.

    Tickets just went on sale, so be sure to reserve your spot at KCON through the official site or the LA Sports Arena box office. We'll also be announcing the terms of our own KCON ticket giveaway, so follow the blog and like our Facebook page to be the first to find out!

    For those of you still looking for a reason to attend, just take a look at the list of artists and guests confirmed to be at KCON:


    Teen Top


    Bekah (former member of After School)

    Who else do you hope to see perform at KCON? Tell us in the comments!

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