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Viki is a global video site with TV shows, movies and other premium content from around the world, subtitled into more than 150 languages by a volunteer community of fans just like you.

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    Theres a new Kpop boy band in town and its name is LC9Previously known as Brown Eyed Boys because the group is considered to be the male counterpart of their popular labelmates Brown Eyed Girls, the six members of the group are J-Hyo, RASA, King, AO, Jun and E.Den. 

    Nega Network has kindly given Viki FIVE signed copies of LC9s album Skirmish that were giving away to Viki community members in a music video scavenger hunt! So hurry up and get watching!

    1. Watch the music video below of the boys’ title track, “MaMa Beat.
    2. Send a Tweet @Viki that includes: How many times does someone say “Mama Beat the video (including the shoutout)? Whats your favorite line from the video?
    3. Add “#VikiLC9 @Viki to the end of your Tweet.

    • LC9 said “Mama Beat 2 times and my fav line is Whats up, Viki? This is LC9! #VikiLC9 @Viki

    WINNERS: The winners will be announced on Monday, May 27th. The five lucky winners will be contacted via Direct Message on Twitter  so be sure to check your direct messages! You also must be following @Viki on Twitter. Winners must respond to our message within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. Dont miss out on this exciting chance to win your own autographed copy of LC9’s debut album Skirmish”!

    WARNING: Some of the content in this video may not be appropriate for people under the age of 17.

    Also check out LC9’s YouTube Channel!

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    Ever wondered who creates the subtitles you see on Viki? Our amazing community of volunteers are people just like you: passionate fans of global TV. Together, we’re breaking down the language barriers between great entertainment and fans everywhere!

    Subtitling is easy, fun, addictive and comes with cool benefits (see “QC status” below). If you’ve wanted to try but never knew where to start, welcome to
    Viki U -- a series of tutorials, tips, tools and more, all designed to get you started quickly. Favorite the Viki U Channel to get notified when new videos are added!

    How to Subtitle

    There are literally thousands of videos to subtitle or edit. However, on popular on-air channels with many volunteers, it’s courtesy to let the channel manager or moderators know that you’d like to contribute.

    To get started, navigate to a video that you’d like to subtitle. Then click on the “Subtitle Editor” button that appears at the top right of the video. Watch this quick tutorial on subtitling:

    How to Segment

    Good segments are key to good subtitles. A segment is a specific part of the video into which a subtitle or a line of text is written. Segmenting is an excellent way to volunteer, even if you don’t speak another language!

    New to segmenting? Test your skills on a short clip (e.g.,
    music video or news) or a Channel with fewer volunteers (e.g., Classics). Only “designated segmenters” can add segments to on-air dramas; to become a designated segmenter, please contact the Channel Manager or Moderator.

    To get started, click on the “Subtitle Editor” button at the top right of all video pages. Watch this tutorial on how to segment (the community organized mentoring programs
    Segmenting 101 and Learning by doing include more tips):

    Become a Qualified Contributor (QC): Contribute to and Watch Videos Not Available in Your Region

    Giving Qualified Contributor (QC) status to volunteers is our way of recognizing the most passionate, active and supportive members of the community, or those who consistently contribute, and have written at least 3,000 high-quality sentences or cut 2,000 segments.

    Being a QC on Viki means:
    • Global video viewing: Most videos on Viki are not available globally due to license restrictions; however, QCs are able to contribute to and watch most videos, regardless of regional availability. Because our QCs are the best in the world, this also helps ensure quality subtitles in multiple languages. 
    • Tickets to concerts and events: We often get tickets to special events, premiers and concerts; we give these to QCs in the event region whenever possible. 
    • Exclusive gifts, games and prizes: Receive occasional QC-only gifts and prizes and play games only available to QCs. 
    • Official certification for students and professional translators: For those looking for experience on resumes and college entrance applications, we can provide an official certificate of your contributions on Viki. 
    • Early access to information about shows, product updates and more: Receive a regular email newsletter that includes information about upcoming titles, product releases and much more. You learn about it before anyone else does. 
    • More perks coming soon!

      To apply for QC status, send us a message through the
      Viki Help Center, telling us why you'd make a great QC. A Viki staff member will review your application and get back to you quickly!

    Need help? Let us know!

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us through the Viki Help Center. Make sure to also follow us on Facebook and

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    If there is one story that has stood the test of time and crossed international borders to reach the hearts of millions, its the story of the Flower 4 or F4. The original shōjo manga, Hana Yori Dango (花より男子), was published in Japan from 1992 to 2003 and was adapted into an anime series and two anime films. The story follows a working-class girl who attends an elite private school for children of the wealthy that is terrorized by a group of snobbish, good-looking boys known as the Flower 4 or F4.” Since the animes popularity in Japan, it also has been made into very popular television dramas in Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China.

    Take a look at the photos below: Which actor looks the most like his or her manga character? 

    Cast members for the F4 from around the world

    The brooding, possessive, wavy-haired leader of F4 (known as Domyouji Tsukasa or Gu Jun Pyo) is the bad boy who drives fans wild, despite his spoiled and arrogant behavior. Korean actor Lee Min Ho and Japanese actor Matsumoto Jun were extremely well-suited for this role; both their reputations skyrocketed after playing the character. 

    Watch the first episode of the Korean Drama Boys Over Flowers to see the world-famous F4 entrance scene:

    There has been much debate over the years about which version of the F4 is the hottest and has the most chemistry as a group. Vote now to let us know which is your favorite!

    Which Version's Cast of the F4 Is Your Favorite?
  free polls 

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    If you need an any more obvious indicator that playful polka dots are the latest fashion rage this spring, you dont have to look any farther than your favorite celebrities and recent popular Asian dramas. Here are just a few celebrities whove been seen sporting this in-again pattern recently.

    Nikki Hsieh wears a pink star-spotted sweater, a twist on the classic polka-dot print, in the current Taiwanese drama Princess’ Stand In.

    Nikki Hsieh and James Wen in Princess’ Stand In

    Check out which Hollywood stars, including Christina Aguilera, Emma Stone, and Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian (Keeping Up With the Kardashians), are seeing spots!

    Yoon Eun Hyes character wore a variety of spotted patterns in the recent drama I Miss You(2012).

    Yoon Eun Hye in I Miss You

    Secrets Song Ji Eun and Han Sunhwa look bright and ready for summer in polka dots and ponytails in their teaser photos for their latest mini-album, Letter From Secret.

    Secrets Jieun

    Whether its the classic polka dot or a variety of spots made up of stars or animals, this fashion trend will definitely be spot on with the warmer weather!

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    On May 27th, one of the most highly-anticipated Korean dramas of the year will premiere on Viki. Shark (상어), starring top actors Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin, is a revenge thriller about a man who changes his identity to strike back against the family who ruined his life. Watch the dark, foreboding trailer below:

    Shark” will be the comeback drama for both leading actors. It is Kim Nam Gils first TV project after being released from his two-year mandatory military service, and fans are eager to see him top his previous performance as a vengeful homme fatale in “Bad Boy” (2010). Son Ye Jin, known for her strong versatility as an actress, will be returning to the small screen for the first time since “Personal Taste” (2010), in which she starred opposite Lee Min Ho.

    Add the “Shark” channel to your Favorites to receive updates about new episodes!

    Shark is available to viewers in the Americas and QC's worldwide. 

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    EXO fans rejoice! The first teaser video of the South Korean and Chinese boy bands long-awaited comeback is here!

    EXO will give the first comeback performance of their title track "Wolf" on May 30th. For this release, the 12 members of EXO will be performing together rather than separately as the two six-member subunits, EXO-K (Korean) and EXO-M (Mandarin). "Wolf" is a dubstep/hip-hop track with a wild and powerful beat. It also has a storytelling side to it, which reminds one of a European fairytale, accompanied by lyrics full of wit.

    The groups first full-length album,XOXO (Kiss & Hug),” will contain 10 tracks in both Korean and Mandarin, including songs that were used in the teasers for their "MAMA" album, such as "Baby, Don't Cry," and "My Lady." EXO's new album will hit the shelves on June 3rd worldwide.

    Since its debut in 2012, EXO has won numerous New Artist awards in both Korea and China and has been lauded for the members high-energy hip-hop dance and vocal skills.

    Add the EXO Channel to your Favorites on Viki to be notified when more teaser videos and full-length music video are released!

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    Have you been enjoying the music videos and exclusive footage on Viki's music section lately? Since we launched this exciting category one year ago at Music Matters, Asia's biggest music and culture showcase, we've brought you everything from exclusive online fan hangouts to contests and music video premieres. But this is only the beginning!

    Today, we are proud to announce our partnership with Universal Music Group, the largest music label in the world. We'll be bringing 7,500 new music videos from global superstars like Jay-Z, Lady GagaMaroon 5Rihanna, and a host of international artists like PSY, 2AM, B2ST, Wonder Girls, Vanessa Paradis, Sheryfa Luna, Eason Chen and Kelly Chen. All will be available to our viewers in Southeast Asia and Qualified Contributors worldwide.

    You can enjoy the videos even more with subtitles including karaoke! Just head over to Viki U and get started with our subtitle tutorials before you add song lyrics.

    Here are some of the other amazing artists you can now watch on Viki, as part of our new partnership with Universal Music Group:

    Black Eyed Peas
    Carly Jae Repsen 
    Demi Lovato
    Lady Gaga
    Maroon 5
    Taylor Swift  

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    This is a guest blog post from Coco and Vivi of Kdrama Fighting!

    While watching K-dramas on Viki, we sometimes wonder how we would react to the female leads if they were our best friends in real life.  Can you just picture the text conversations we would have?  In Part 1 of Texts to a Bestie, we imagined texting Jan Di, Eun Chan, Gong Ah Jung and Park Ha. Here are more imaginary texts with some of our favorite K-drama heroines: 

    2. You’re Beautiful (2009)

    3. Full House (2004)

    5. Personal Taste (2010)

    Which other Kdrama heroines would you like to text?

    — Coco and Vivi of Kdrama Fighting!

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    Did you know these famous celebrities also have famous siblings? Some may have been obvious, but we bet there are some surprises in this list that you didnt know about! There are some good genes in these families! 

    The Jung Sisters (Jessica & Krystal)

    f(x)Krystal and her older sister, Girls Generations Jessica, share good looks and major K-pop power. 

    Jessica and Krystal 
    While theyre both talented and beautiful, theyre not great athletes. Watch them both attempt to throw the opening pitch in the video below:


    Kim Tae Hee and Lee Wan

    K-drama actress Kim Tae Hees younger brother, Lee Wan, also is a well-known actor. Watch his noona (older sister) in Jang Ok Jeong, Lives in Love. Despite both being well-known actors, the two have never acted together. Wed love to see them play siblings onscreen!

    Kim Tae Hee and little brother, Lee Wan

    The Kardashians 

    What list of famous siblings would be complete without the Kardashian/Jenner family? All their names start with the letter K and theyve built a media empire from their reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians that includes clothes, perfume and more. 

    The Kardashian women

    Sandara Park of 2NE1 and Thunder of MBLAQ

    2NE1s Sandara Park and her adorable brother Thunder from MBLAQ look exactly alike. Sandara was spotted last year cheering on her brother and his bandmates from the audience of one of their performances. 

    Sandara Park of 2NE1 and Thunder of MBLAQ

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    Are you one of the millions of people who have never heard of Korean Pop before the release of PsyGangnam Style? Are you still trying to get the viral music video out of your head almost a year later? We at Viki can help you move beyond Psy with an introduction to some other great K-pop songs.

    Most K-pop falls into five main categories. Try them out below and tell us your favorites in the comments!

    Dance Tracks: K-pop stars love to dance. If you remember the horse dance from Gangnam Style, see if you can spot the signature dance moves in these hot videos.

    Super Junior — “Sexy Free and Single”

    Teen Top — “Crazy”

    Catchy Girl Pop: Did I mention that K-pop stars love to dance? These ladies will get you moving with their cute lyrics and dance steps.

    T-ara — “Roly Poly”

    IU — “Good Day”

    Heartbreaking Love Ballads: No one can pour her heart and soul into a sad love song like K-pop ballad queen, Baek Ji Young. Warning: have your tissues ready for these tear-jerker serenades.

    Baek Ji Young — “Like Being Hit By a Bullet”

    Naul — “Memory of the Wind”

    Beastly Idol Hits: K-pop isnt all flowers and rainbows! Put on these songs when you want to get pumped up.

    B.A.P — “Warrior”

    Brown Eyed Girls — “Abracadabra”

    Easy-Listening Indie: These smooth, melodic songs go perfectly with a warm cup of tea on a cloudy day.

    Leessang — “Turn Off the TV”

    Lunafly — “How Nice Would It Be”

    We hope you enjoyed our introduction to K-pop! Head over to the Viki K-pop section to browse our entire library of fantastic, addicting music videos!

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    It’s the moment that EXO fans have been waiting for! The 12-member boy band has just released the music video for “Wolf,” the title track of its first full album, XOXO (Kiss & Hug), in both a Korean version and a Mandarin version. The music video features an exciting plot and stunning visuals. Check it out for yourself!

    Korean Version

    Chinese Version

    EXO will be having its first comeback stage on May 30th on the South Korean music show 
    M! Countdown. 
The new album, “XOXO (Kiss & Hug),” will become available on online music sites on June 3rd worldwide.

    Since its debut in 2012, EXO has won numerous New Artist awards in both Korea and China and has been lauded for the members’ high-energy hip-hop dance and vocal skills.

    Add the EXO Channel to your Favorites on Viki to be notified when additional EXO videos are released!

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    You can now see the channels that you and other community members manage, moderate or segment on profile pages. You'll also be able to see the details of the 500 most recent subtitles you've written!

    To see a community member's volunteer projects, go to their profile page and then to the "Volunteer Projects" tab. Here you'll see all the channels that they're volunteering on. And to see the details of their 500 most recent subtitles, click on "Recent Subtitles."

    On this page, you'll able to see the subtitle written, the video it was written on, and when it was written. And if you click on the video name, you'll navigate to that video and can see the subtitle in action!

    Don't have anything listed in your Volunteer Projects tab yet? Learn how to subtitle on Viki!

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  • 05/31/13--15:00: Access in Spanish!
  • Our community members are as international as the videos on Viki, so its no surprise that a frequent request is to see displayed in a different language. We completely agree and are happy to announce that you can now view in Spanish!

    To change your Web site language preferences, scroll to the bottom of any page where youll see a menu that will allow you to set your language into English or Spanish. You can switch between languages as often as you like!

    Well be adding more languages to this selection soon, so stay tuned!

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  • 06/03/13--18:07: Why Do We Love Bromance?
  • Bromance, a combination of the words brother and romance, is the overwhelmingly adorable brotherly bond between male friends. In dramas, these friendships are extremely close, where one would do anything for the other and, often, these friends provide more emotional support than even family members in times of need.

    Some dramas are worth watching, for the bromance alone. Not sure what we mean? Here are a few examples:

    School 2013: Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk play an inseparable pair of high school friends. A normal day for these boys consists of sharing lunch and fighting off a gang of thugs. Seeing them bond over a rough upbringing and social isolation is enough to melt any fans heart.

    Watch Episode 13 to catch this bromantic gem!
    Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Song Joong Kis touching compassion and concern for his best friend (played by Yoo Ah In) completely stole the spotlight from the dramas main couple. Viewers see these moments of tenderness as more pure and beautiful than most romantic relationships.

    Watch episode 19 of Sungkyunkwan Scandal for a truly epic bromance
    Bridal Mask: During the 1930s Japanese occupation of Korea, one of the most tragic dramas in history unfolds between fellow police officers, Kang To and Shunji. Driven apart by murder, secrets and the pursuit of the same woman’s love, the childhood friends still find ways to understand each others pain in incredibly powerful scenes. Watch Episode 7 below:

    The best friends in Bridal Mask share an incredible bromance 
    Whether you watch for the playful teasing, the physical closeness, or the emotional bonding, bromance appeals to K-drama fans in many different ways. What is your favorite bromance moment in a drama?

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    As the weather heats up this summer, so do these relationships. Several stars have announced their engagements, weddings and pregnancies. Congratulations to all the happy couples!

    Jung Suk Won & Baek Ji Young

    Jung Suk Won (Rooftop PrinceShining InheritanceHaeundae LoversMidas) surprised his now-wife, K-Pop ballad singer Baek Ji Young, by proposing to her on stage. The two married over the weekend and are expecting a baby this fall.

    Jung Suk Won & Baek Ji Young

    Lee Min Jung & Lee Byung Hun 

    Lee Min Jung (All About My Romance, Big, Boys Over Flowers, Smile, You) and Lee Byung Hun (Iris) are planning to wed in August, exactly one year after they first publicly announced their relationship.

    Kim Jae Won

    K-Drama star, Kim Jae Won (Can You Hear My Heart?May Queen) announced his upcoming wedding to his childhood friend and girlfriend of 8 months this week. The couple are expecting their first child together.

    Enrique Iglesias & Anna Kournikova

    Singer-songwriter Enrique Iglesias and retired tennis star, Anna Kournikova, are finally getting married after their twelve-year relationship!

    Seo Tae Ji and Lee Eun Sung

    The legendary K-Pop star Seo Tae Ji announced his plans to marry 25-year-old actress Lee Eun Sung.

    Seo Tae Ji Plans to Marry Actress Lee Eun Sung

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    EXO, the 12-member South Korean and Chinese boy band, just released its highly anticipated first full-length album, XOXO (Kiss & Hug).” SM Entertainment has provided Viki with 10 autographed albums - 5 'Kiss' version (Korean) and 5 'Hug' version (Chinese) - to give away to Viki community members in a music video scavenger hunt! Keep reading to find out how to participate!


    1)Watch the music video of EXOs title track, “Wolf” in either Korean or Mandarin (below). We will accept either version of the video.

    2)Send a Tweet* @Viki that includes (A) and (B):

         A. The number of times that a wolf (the actual animal) appears visually in the “Wolf” music video.

         B. Your name for the dance move where the EXO members put their hands behind their ears.

    3)Add “#VikiEXO @Viki” to the end of your Tweet.

    EXAMPLE TWEET: A wolf appears 88 times in EXOs MV and the move should be called the bunny rabbit #VikiEXO @Viki”

    Partial/transparent wolf images will be included in the count; see the examples below. If you have any questions about what counts and what doesnt, leave a comment on this post and well reply within 24 hours.
    Wolf Example #1
    Wolf Example #2
    WINNERS: The last day to enter is Friday, June 28th, Pacific Standard Time. Ten winners will be chosen by Viki, at our discretion, based on the most accurate and creative entries. The lucky winners will be contacted via Direct Message on Twitter on Monday, July 1st, Pacific Standard Time — so be sure to check your Direct Messages! You must be following @Viki on Twitter to receive a DM from us! Winners must respond to our message within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.

    Wolf” Chinese Version

    Wolf” Korean Version

    EXO Album and Wolf” Promotion Interview

    *You may Tweet multiple times, but doing so is not guaranteed to increase your chances of winning.

    Good luck and may the most observant and dedicated EXO fans win!

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    Have you ever wanted to subtitle but never thought you could because you only know one language? Here's a great way to contribute: transcribing or captioningfrom and to your native language is an easy, fun way to get started on your road to becoming a QC.

    Transcribing or Captioning means watching a video that's available in your language and simply typing the words you hear in the Subtitle Editor. Transcriptions from a native speaker are valued by the community (and by viewers) and often set the foundation for accurate subtitles in other languages! By writing a transcript, you make it easier for non-native speakers to translate the video into their own languages.

    1) To find a video in your language, try using the 'Country' filter while browsing TV, movies, or music videos.

    It's easy to get started:

    2) Open the Subtitle Editor and choose your "from" and "to" language.

    3) For refreshers on How to Subtitle and How to Segment, watch these videos

    Happy subtitling!

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    One of our favorite K-pop groups is B2ST (BEAST), which is made up of Yoon Doojoon, Jang Hyunseung, Yong Junhyung, Yang Yoseob, Lee Kikwang and Son DongwoonTheyre charismatic, stylish, cute, hardworking, multitalented and more! Whats not to love?

    Since the group debuted in 2009, the members have delighted us with their numerous charms and talents. Take a look at a few reasons why we love B2ST!

    1) They're hardworking and humble.

    In the documentary “MTV B2ST,” we got a behind-the-scenes look at B2ST’s pre-debut period, and the hard work, sweat and tears it took for them to become a team.

    2) Their songs, choreography and style are catchy and unique.

    You can see these qualities come alive in the music video for Beautiful Night, a single off their latest album. This video is only available in Southeast Asia.

    3) They have many talents, including acting!

    You can catch Kikwang in Me Too, Flower! as a young policeman who has a crush on his older colleague, and in My Princess, for which he won the Best New Actor award for his performance as Gun-I, a chef in the Imperial Palace.

    Lee Kikwang in Me Too, Flower!
    Lee Kikwang in My Princess

    Junhyung is starring in the currently on-air drama, Monstar, as a K-pop idol who gets into trouble and is sent back to a regular high school by his agency to repair his public image.

    B2ST will be coming back with a new album in July! We cant wait to see what they come up with next!

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    Do you stay up through the night scrolling through hilarious gifs and memes from your favorite Tumblr bloggers? Well we have exciting news for you. We're adding a new member to our social media family! Our Tumblr page is up and running, and we want you to be part of it. Follow us for daily updates including original memes that will make you laugh.

    Our social media spaces are yours as well, so we want you, our community, to help us! Submit screenshots of funny Timed Comments, like the one below. It might show up on our Tumblr!

    We hope you love our new Tumblr as much as we do. Don't forget to submit your favorite Timed Comments to us, and follow and reblog us!

    Happy Tumbling!

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    Actor Lee Min Ho is turning 26th this Saturday (June 22)! To celebrate, we’re holding a scavenger hunt from some of his best-known K-dramas. You could win a Boys Over Flowers poster!


    1. Answer the two questions (below) about Lee Min Ho, from the K-dramas Personal Taste and City Hunter.”

    2. Leave your answer as a comment on this blog or Tweet @Viki with #LeeMinHoViki. An example would be:

    @Viki Lee Min Ho is apologizing for being so handsome in episode 2! #LeeMinHoViki

    3. Winners will be contacted on Lee Min Ho’s Birthday, June 22nd PST.


    Personal TasteWhat is Min Ho apologizing for in this scene?

    Lee Min Ho in ‘Personal Taste’
    City HunterWhat episode of City Hunter is this scene from? 

    Lee Min Ho in ‘City Hunter

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